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  1. A False, Legal Shutdown

    25 minutes ago, Doug1943 said:

    Since I don't know your level of literacy, I can't answer the question about being a 'liberal democrat'.  If you meant to write 'liberal Democrat' then no, I'm not. If you meant, someone who believes in liberal democracy, as the term is conventionally used, then yes I am. (I don't know whether you know how the term is conventionally used, however.)  As for being a politician, no ... I have never run for office. I have worked as a  volunteer for a couple of candidates, both  Republicans, in Colorado  and California.


    I agree regarding the term "liberal", I started using the term neo-liberal recently to distinguish from the leftist and so called progressive elitist that have hijacked the term from it's original meaning.  A true liberal is a strong believer in individual rights and freedoms and not necessarily at odds with conservatism but in balance in a common sense way.  I am very conservative about some things, moderate on a few things, and very liberal about personal rights and freedoms.  There should be far less government intervention in many things personal it has it's fingers in these days.  I like to think that I am conservative in things that people should be and liberal in things that people should be, balance for both self and society as a whole.  The Libertarian party was originally founded on these balanced principles but many feel it has been infiltrated and hijacked now as well.  (raises hand).  

  2. I toured the ship when I was 14 years old on a vacation with my family it was Awesome!  I don't know how it is now but back then I could run all over the ship wherever I wanted to by myself, no official tour guide.  We took a camper down South to Texas where we had some relatives.  Then we took it across the South to Kalifornia, then flew out to Honolulu for a week where I had the privilege to also stand on the USS Arizona Memorial.  We camped through the  Northern states on the way home.  It was a 5 week family vacation and I am just really blessed that I was old enough to appreciate and remember it!  My parents took a second mortgage on the house to pay for the trip and we all felt it was a good investment in quality family time.  You realize how close you are to each other when you spend 5 weeks in a pop top camper and no family arguments at all.  Well 4 actually, we stayed in a 2 bedroom apartment while on Honolulu...  ;)

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