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  1. WELCOME!  Check the state militia forums link on the landing page for your state, area code militia link  or tab and click on the Map tab to find people near you to connect with. 







    Or start your own group:


    1. Edward Lewis

      Edward Lewis

      Appreciate you teaching out.  I have checked that out and tried to reach out.  I guess I just need a little patience.  I am not big on social media the closer ones to me join via FB.


  2. I used to love going to Frisch's Big Boy for their Big Boy burger when I was a kid.  Nearest one anymore is about 2 miles drive away I think. Homage to your new avatar.  😉

  3. You might get more notice and attention if you start a group on here:




    Good luck!

    1. LetFreedomRing


      Apologies, I didn't realize you already had one!

    2. Chris Daniels

      Chris Daniels

      No problem. Thanks though.

  4. Congratulations Rnc58 on winning the MyMilitia.com March 2019 Giveaway, Kershaw Skyline liner lock flipper knife!



  5. Welcome Ruralroots!  The ICVM Indiana Citizen Volunteer Militia is a state wide constitutional militia.  We don't have as many members in the Southern part of the state as Central and Northern but we are all about growing all counties working together.  You are welcome to register on our site here:




    Someone will contact you about joining.





  6. Your childish games are not welcome on this site.  I will ban every account you make on here until you have no more different providers you can access.  

  7. We don't need any of your childish games on here. Bye

  8. We don't need any of your childish games on here. Bye

  9. Buh bye Hissansi32, Spam Spam Spammer! ? ?

  10. Great web page and thanks for the promotion link!  ?

  11. Scotty!  Just messing with ya RB, welcome!

  12. Banned for spamming the web site with an advertisement.

  13. I am prepared but continue to improve myself and my situation!

  14. Welcome Shane450

  15. I am prepared but continue to make improvements as time and budget allows.

  16. Hello Mouse. I encourage you to go to the Indiana State groups and look over the ICVM if you are not already affiliated with a state group. Best regards, LFR

  17. I am prepared but always continuing to improve my situation and skills.

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