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  1. Gab is very active with anons digging into the people that entered the capital. Looking like antifa.
  2. I’m on Signal if you’re on there and want to connect👍🏻
  3. Gab is good so far. Share this. https://gab.com/MakeOrwellFictionAgain/posts/105165079446441969
  4. Just looking over some thing's and seen bv you joined. Welcome! 

    1. Blidged99


      Thank you I am here and keeping my eye to this to be informed in the coming days before and after the election. I have posted in roll call area that I’ve prepped to defend my house and that my location is a friendly spot if need be for fellow members on here. I do have time restraints to go out and be pro active but wanting to be apart of a constitution defending militia to defend the constitution with fellow patriots if the time of need comes to light. Nice to meet you👍🏻

    2. SgtMS 15

      SgtMS 15

      Same here brother.  I will check this forum regularly. Please feel free to keep in touch. 

  5. Awesome I appreciate the info. I apologize I guess I was referring to if there is a dedicated channel(s) to keep my ear open too, if that has been established at this point. Pic is of the radios I have.
  6. I will keep my eye on this thread for further comms. As stated about my intentions if all breaks out I am here and will defend our residence. I have time restraints to go be active but again my location will be a friendly spot if needed. Interested in ways of communication if the grid goes down..? Anyone feel free to message me.
  7. I would be a walk on. I’ve prepped to bug in and defend our home as we live Near lake pleasant and prepped as much as money would allow . I have radios and means of defense etc etc... we don’t have much but are probably better prepped than a lot of others. Dont know if I could contribute much but letting everyone know I’m here. My location could be a fallback or regroup or rendezvous worst case scenario per se.
  8. Welcome to the group from Anthem!


    Red Dragon1

    1. Blidged99


      Thank you! New to all this so here to learn and be informed in these crucial times.

  9. Reporting from Surprise currently. Developing off grid in Yavapai, Seligman for future relocation. Ready to defend the constitution and the republic.

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