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  1. This is a great article, but I think that it is important to have a well rounded self defense system. If you rely only on firearms for protection what happens when you run out of ammo, your weapon malfunctions, or your attacker gets the drop on you. Then you may have to rely on a knife, an improvised weapon, or even your bare hands to defend yourself. I think the same way about relying only on some type of martial arts training to defend yourself. Hands and feet are no match for a gun fight. An opponent with a knife can close the distance with you from 15 feet away in a couple of seconds. That is not enough time for most people to pull a gun, get it into position and aim it. My suggestion is to try and include firearms training, unarmed training, and training with a baton or stick. There is no training regimen to prepare for every possibility, but being well rounded covers a lot of the bases.
  2. I was at angry vikings event. It was amazing, but it pissed me off when the police made us leave. That is the way of it. If patriots protest then they shut down the protest, but they let left wingers protest constantly for months breaking laws and being violent. The double standards are disgusting.
  3. Hi I'm new to the site. I've been in contact with some of my local militia but haven't joined any group yet. I'm hoping to find an active group nearby. I'm ex army and I'm also with the proud boys. I am looking to get involved, but I'm careful about who I associate with. I just want to make sure that I find some trustworthy men who I know will have my 6 when the SHTF.

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