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  1. Yep just stay home if you're not located in an area where mobs are marching down your street burning homes. If that's likely, be somewhere else. Don't mix with the rioters. Past Nov 3 the gloves come off. If you defy curfew, if you're a part of a riot, then your part of a coup and the police will have orders to open-fire shoot-to-kill, so be prepared to pay with your life if you think you're going to bully this nation into submission. We are NOT going to let this nation succumb to blackmail or an Obama "color revolution". If the police have to kill Americans trying to stage a
  2. NOTE: The post that this pot below was a reaction to was deleted by its original author, who recently joined (a week ago) and had zero previous posts: The reason you couldn't form any orignal rejoinder to my post, but instead had to copy and paste it, changing a few words here and there, exactly goes to the problem at hand: the Left has abandoned the practice of critical, original thinking as an activity. They have specifically targeted reason itself as a " tool of white oppression". They're not just incapable of original thought, they affirmatively despise it and the
  3. Freebird, I don't know where you got this information but off the top of my head, for what it's worth, it is very hard for me to believe that we would permit the CCCP to set up shop in either of those nations. Look, the CCCP is a racist, genocidal Communist dictatorship. That's not a great selling point to Mexico or Canada. You have to think they prefer the US to continue to exist and not make their respective countries military targets of the US. I can't believe the IC community is either so psychopathic corrupt or imbecilic - and it would have to be one of those th
  4. What they are thinking is they'll invade Taiwan if the US devolves into civil war. This is what happened to Europe when the Muslims invaded. The Europeans had warred each other into exhaustion, then they could barely fight off the Turks. Hopefully people in the military hierarchy- God knows it's not our generals who are just corporate careerists and politicians at this point and it's not the CIA who are partisan criminals with an exaggerated sense of their own necessity , but someone realizes that permitting this nation to devlove into civil war in an attempt to sto
  5. The left has so much to lose this election they're willing to do literally anything include deconstruct the country itself through street warfare and even coordinating and colluding with nations like China.. They will do absolutely anything, anything whatsoever, to prevent Trump's 2nd term. The reason being, the alternative to a Biden Presidency looks like this: * Obama, the first black President, charming, erudite, and appealing is also found to be 10x more corrupt than Nixon. He may not go to jail, in fact, he won't, but it will be established for a fact that he
  6. Hey I tried to message you not sure if you got it. Yes I would like to meet up and talk. I will track this thread for a response.
  7. Well what happens to Big Debt like student loan debt if the Left Coast secedes? California would maybe split in two: San Diego and then everything from LA on up. New York would split into upstate and NYC. A civil war would be like a small number on both sides causing death and mayhem with a larger number of secret supporters giving them funds and shelter and logisitcal support. It would essentially be a long running terrorist attack. The cities would go with the libs and effectively secede from the states. they are located in . The thing is, we can't let that hap
  8. Yeah Pool is good. I also get a lot out of these podcasts: American Conservative University: The Dan Bongino Show The Eric Metaxas Show <--- this guy was leaving a Trump speech at the White House a couple weeks ago and some shrieking asshole on a bike headed for him screaming something about Turmp and ...Eric decked him !! It was awesome ! Picutre everyone walking down a car-less street in formal attire, the women in high heels and dresses and the men in tuxes... and this antifa-wanna-be heads right into everyone on a bike shrieking...and he heads at Metaxas
  9. Gentlemen, it appears to me that this individual intends to kill everyone like us he can- https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/10/13/colorado-dem-op-violent-agenda-trump-win/
  10. Well talk about lawsuit material how about the in-kind donations Twitter Google and Facebook are giving to Biden? Now there's a lawsuit waiting to blow.
  11. God don't give me people a reason to want one. Believe me, you do not want to live through a civil war. Debt is a non-problem compared to that.
  12. I guess in an EOTW scenario where we are living in the woods i would try to use a rock.

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