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    I have a background in electronics engineering and machining.currently an HVAC Technician.Played Bass in cover bands for over 25 years every weekend,wether I wanted to or not.Quit drinking alcohol and became a blood bought born again Christian about 6 yea
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  1. Things are gonna get wierd,in fact I'm a little worried that my neighbor south of me,their grand kids must have gotten a gun or something because I've heard some fuckup remarks about how they need to keep an eye on me and that I was dangerous.I was sitting in my camper with the windows open when I heard this.so yea this country may explode because of the media lying and provoking the unaware public.
  2. I've listened to Dave a time or two.smart guy.
  3. I can't get that much time off from work.besides there's a vid going around where this guy says he has friends and family in the service saying they have been briefed on an impending invasion by Russia and china.says thier moving there fleets into position and family members that are active say they have been briefed about this.Please reach out to any friends or family that are active military to confirm this guys.
  4. I just always assume that's always one of thier big goals.
  5. Honestly he's the only reason we don't have sleepy Joe yet.but sounds like they cut off the transition briefings from the pentagon the same day the DNI report was due.coincidence,not sure yet
  6. Well that's wierd,I must have gotten distracted and forgot to say what ever it was I was gonna say.anyway,I've heard that the deepstate is planning on fighting against Guerrilla Chieftans within the U.S. and honestly we may have to fall back and blend back in and go covert if it gets to that.im pretty sure confiscation will set off an hot civil war,no doubt in my mind.
  7. I ve been using duck duck go for a little over a year now.
  8. .I'm not big on involving the law enforcement.im playing it by ear everyday just being nice.ive got a safe room that I can handle firearms with no windows.Im still not sure what he's up to.im not instigateing anything.not to mention I've been sober for over 6 years.ive got pretty good discernment these days.
  9. Yea you think? If he keeps it up I'll have no choice but to contact my lawyer and have them sent a warning and one to the owner of the property.they lease.i own my house outright.i could make them move.
  10. I I gotta be careful because my neighbors grandkid is up to something because he knows I am a Trump supporter and was running his mouth out back while I was just sitting in my camper with the windows open and glueing an headstock onto a Gibson guitar.i was shocked what I heard.something about being dangerous because of supporting trump.yea I was kinda taken aback.so I've been chill latley since the election.not getting out my weapons.makes ya wonder what goes through people's minds sometimes.
  11. That's what I hear.i more thing though I really don't want to run through a bunch of ammo.was thinking about blanks.i have what I think I'll need when we need them.
  12. The corporate banks.thats what all this is about,the great reset.where they crown com China king and we all get to be slaves or dead in thier new world order.all the elitists have gotten together like builderburgs or Davos and decided that a strong America is fucking up thier plans.and also there plan is to buy up everything Penny's on the dollar when it's complete.
  13. Well garrenteed it'll be gone by the time I get off work.i might go look after work.but I'm already good.

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