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  1. 4mph is actually the Army standard for the EIB test (though they have to do of for 12 miles.) 4 mph is actually a quick walking pace.
  2. Training update. Did 4 miles with pack today. Various terrain. 1 hour 5 min.
  3. Skill challenge...... I fired a 20 round NRA course today. SR-2 target at 15 feet...... five rounds slow fire strong hand, five weak hand. Five rounds quick fire strong hand, five weak hand. 190/200 score. (Pistol)
  4. A skills challenge doesn't matter where you are. No Army Ranger, am I, but maybe we could just update here like this..... Saturday I did three miles with pack, fired 40 rounds (not my best shooting day) and practiced buidling a fire.
  5. What about a skills challenge for NM personnel? In the next three weeks, shoot an Army expert qual, spend time rapelling, and do at leaat ten miles x-country. Up to it?
  6. I have been part of this site for a few weeks now and haven't seen any training information or action. What goes on here?
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