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  1. I work in Seattle and have lived in this king county for forty seven years. This is not a good thing to be happening. These democratic socialist and their so-called progressive government don’t have a clue Seattle is failing big companies are leaving. Amazon is moving to Bellevue Wa, Boeing is shutting down plane  
    manufacturing in Everet Wa, Numerous other leavening town.The chief of police resigned. The city council hires a felon at one hundred fifty thousand a year a pimp and called him the street czar . And it goes on and on l will be leaving myself as soon as possible.

    1. LetFreedomRing


      Good luck brother!

    2. 1oldman123
  2. I have never had a f***book account. Although sometimes I have thought about it, then I come to my senses.
  3. Just an old fart

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