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  1. I am west of Elizabethtown KY and north of Leitchfield KY so Grayson KY is too far east for me. I see the lack of organization too. I am looking but not having much luck so far. The rioters seem more organized than the militias which just makes no sense. I am safe where I am but that does our state no good. I am a good organizer but I need something to organize. And being disabled I at least have time on my hands. If I have to start something myself I might but I do not want to add to the confusion. Bob
  2. So, who were you with? Are you talking about Grayson County or a city or town? I can no longer stand but use an electric scooter instead but I am sure I could be useful in a comms, supply, or first aid center. I do open carry a Sig Saeur P320 nitron carry .45 with extra clips just in case. I am the protection for my church because I can walk with a cane short distances. So, since you are in the know, I want all of the intel you can give me. After all, I was trustworthy enough to be around B52s and all of their munitions as well as other aircraft. Bob
  3. National Guard was called up so no need to rush to harm's way yet. I am in the same boat as you being near Constantine KY. Where are you at? I think we just need to stay vigilant and make sure the cancer does not spread to rural areas. It is a shame but cities need to learn to elect better leaders. And vote out DemonRats (Democrats) where we can. But we need better Republican candidates to do that. Now then, I wonder if any militias are interested in us? Seems pretty inactive here considering the current climate! Bob
  4. USAF Disabled Veteran of 11 years. Eagle Scout. Electronics Degree. Extra HAM License. Last job was Industrial Maintenance Technician (Jack of All Trades). I have Gulf War Conditions so I have limitations. VFW member. Armed and open carry. I know I can help some militia close by. Bob

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