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  1. Anyone here in the highlands / Piedmont areas? Looking to start a dialogue...
  2. Good evening, folks! I'm interested in working with other like-minded individuals in building a self-sustaining redoubt in the Piedmont / highlands area. Anyone know of activity along these lines? I have knowledge and experience with off-grid technology and with aquaponics for food. I'm also a licensed Ham. Would like to hear from y'all. Cheers!
  3. Actually I was hoping there was a group formed who were in the early stages of building a redoubt already. I don't think we have a lot of time to do this...
  4. No, couldn't get access to that Landwatch site, maybe because I'm so far away! Got any more contact info for this idea?
  5. This is a subject I've had close to my heart for a long time now, finding a good location for a self-sustaining community with like-minded folks. Off-grid is very much a concept that is really necessary right now and is something I've been studying and even somewhat practicing for a long time. I believe N.E. Texas is a very good location choice for this community. Solar power and aquaponics would function well together in this area, as well.
  6. Howdy folks! Or, maybe I should say Hola since I'm in S. America now and looking to return to the N. Tejas region soon. If there's anyone here wanting to practice your Spanish, give me a ring.

  7. Sparky_J


  8. Well, unfortunately I don't do FaceB, so will have to ask for another way to comm. Heard of Soma? Cell msg app.
  9. Thanks for the link, Fixer. I will download and study that. I'm sure it's a little more updated than the one I had! I'm thinking about returning to the area and would like to be linked with units open for recruitment. Can you help?
  10. Howdy! I'm anticipating relocating to your area and would like to establish com links with units open for recruitment. Looking forward to hearing from you!
  11. Looking to re-up!

  12. Has anyone had any luck with getting started with the Pushbullet app thru a smartphone? I tried and it didn't seem to work without associating it with a social media account. This is not my idea of privacy!
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