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  1. The only time it is ok to kill anyone is if your life is in danger and being threatened. It is better to be tried by twelve than to be carried by six.
  2. Another great article. The wife and I are definitely trying this one.
  3. I am going to research this more. Very interesting article! I hadn't even thought along these lines until now. If I decide to give this a try I will post more information.
  4. I love the Tucker Carlson show. Has to be one of the best shows on television right now.
  5. Stupid is as stupid does. Although it is tragic to me it's god's way of weeding out the idiots.
  6. Saw the video on facebook. She took that better than some guys I know. Hope she killed a bunch of those ass hats. They don't want to be shot by a woman so I think we should send more to the front line.
  7. I have been hacked a couple of times myself and money stolen from my bank account. Some ass hat in Oslo, Norway bought airline tickets using my account and the stupid bank didn't think there was something fishy when I had just spent money at the local Walmart. How did they figure I got to Norway in a half hour. I got my money back and new account but this crap is happening all the time according to the police and bank security people. We are losing tons of money and it seems like no one cares or is willing to try and stop it. The police said they couldn't do anything because the crime happened over seas. Something needs to be done and soon.
  8. These fools don't want to go there. They can wake the sleeping giant if they want but it wont end like they expect it to.
  9. I don't need my handgun to last forever, I just need it to last as long as I do.
  10. If you cant handle that little bit of humor chances are you don't belong in a militia anyway.
  11. Very good conversations going on here. I have been telling people for awhile now that most of the muslims in this country are of the moderate variety that can afford to come here. These people do mostly try to assimilate and fit in. The problem with these moderates is most will not come out in public against isis or a caliphate. You have to ask yourself why this is. It is my opinion the reason is because these moderates secretly condone the actions of isis and other terrorists organizations. These moderates will not be moderate any longer after the refugees come here. Look what is taking place all over Europe. Moderates moved into Europe before the flood of refugees did so where are they now that the problems are arising in the communities they supposedly assimilated into? I would venture to say they have joined with their radical brothers in religion for whatever reasons; fear for one, and are helping them to create areas of sharia law. Europe is finding itself in a world of hurt that isn't going to end soon. Let's keep that mess out of this country.
  12. The whole thing stunk from the beginning. If you actually look into it the treaty could actually put Iran on to a fast track to getting a nuclear weapon. It's my opinion that having a nuclear Iran was the liberal plan all along.

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