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  1. I am in serious need of trigger therapy but i wont have a minute of free time until this mass hysteria comes to a end. When it does I defiantly would like to spend some time in the desert putting lead on target.
  2. Those that forget the past doom themselves to repeat it! I like to organization thoughts, I agree we need to establish ourselves from the beginning as an organized militia and not a terrorist organization as long as we are transparent with our goals and agenda there should be no issues.
  3. Hey K.Ratt, I am willing to briefly take lead on the 801. I have been command staff in the Fire service and NDMS for the last 35 years, but I would really like this to be temporary until some one younger and more progressive steps up and takes charge, as I would really like to be just a piss ant again.
  4. I am in but will be out of town for the next 12 days for training but should be GTG by the end of the month.
  5. I am interested, if you have found a serious group, all of the groups I have found so far have been keyboard commandos. [email protected]
  6. i'll be there at 9:00 pm tommorow

  7. Easy there Captain, some of us work a 48/96 hr rotating schedule that has nothing to do with the convenience of a week end. But that is close enough to myt first due area that I can slip on over in civilian clothes And I will bring my BALLS!
  8. Ok folks, we are nine strong now on this site, located in the salt lake valley/Wasatch front and one in Ceder, I see a few profiles with leadership potential, it can’t be me. Maybe its time we start doing more than an occasional post. Any Ideas?
  9. Seecruz


  10. Good afternoon gentlemen, over the last two years this site has only had a handfull of responses I believe with you two we are up to about eight potential operators in the salt lake area that have posted on this site. I know there has to be more of us out there in the Valley, My belief is they may not be aware of the site yet! But welcome to you both, your experience and wisdom will be refreshing and hopefully we can get to work and get this group functional beyond an occasional post. Once spring arrives and the snow is gone I will be heading out to the desert to bench test and fine tune the winter builds, I think that would be a great opportunity to get together put a few down range and toss around some ideas. Let me know your thoughts.
  11. Well, there are three of us plus one administrator, it is hard to believe that the salt lake area has so few III % ers ready to go to work. It is time to step up boys we need to get to work and be ready for what ever SHTF, because you know as well as I do it is not if it does, it is when it does that we need to be ready for. Heads up.
  12. Looking in salt lake county. Contact through this site.
  13. West valley 52 yo male I am a 33 yr Firefighter,Paramedic,Registered Nurse worked in Colorado,California and settled in Utah. With a little tactical skill.

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