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  1. We are meeting up for the first time Saturday December 5th at 1 at Einsteins in Topeka. We could definitely bring that subject up
  2. Good to have you around.

  3. I'll keep an eye out for information when the time comes. Thanks!
  4. I personally would rather join a more local chapter. It's easier to work together that way I think. My husband and I are just outside of Topeka and I followed the members from here I could find from my area. My husband should be joining soon.
  5. Hi Kristina, Where are you from?

    1. Kristina


      My husband and I own some land right outside of Auburn, just SW of Topeka. Excited there's several members from the area. My husband is looking to join as well.

  6. I'm from SW Shawnee county and I consider myself a prepper, survivalist, herbalist, homesteader, and patriot. I've been learning skills to reduce my dependence on the government and to be more self sufficient.
  7. As a woman I am struggling to find a group to join here in Kansas. I'm located out of Topeka. According to the Kansas Constitution only men can join militia type groups, so what are women supposed to do and where do we go? Any ideas please?

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