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  1. Since I'm new on here, I wanted to say I find the information that we share on here is very good food for thought and informative. As I look at the present state of our country, I'm very concern as to where the next 50 days will take us. 

    As we know the rioting and looting stills goes on even though the major new media no longer covers it. 

    We the PEOPLE of this country have to stay aware of our surroundings as to what goes on around us. We have to be willing to protect our families and each other. Sometimes out here in the rural country, the saying is speak softly but care a BIG stick! We all understand this thought process I think. Life these days isn't easy at times. We have to be prepared in this day and age for all issues that may come our way. 

    We the PEOPLE of like-minded thinking I hope look hard for real solutions before we in gage in other avenues to keep all of us free and safe. 

     Where do we go as citizens of the United States of America? Life is like a curvey road out in the country. It wines around the curves and hills and valleys. The peace and quiet where the birds sing , the deer roam across the road, the squirrels are gathering food and we consider life as it is.

    No sirens, no gun shots, no fires, no yelling or screaming.
     It's time to get back to the basics of caring about one another no matter the color of our skin or the status we think we are in. We need each other more than you think. The future is in all our hands. We need to look around us and see what we will offer the children of tomorrow. It's time to leave politics out of the equation and just look around where you live. I like going out to the farm, smelling the fresh air and the peace of the quiet moment. As I drive back home I realize the reality of where we live. We are lucky here in Mason County that we still appreciate our way of life. We aren't rich, we don't live in million dollar homes, we don't live beyond our means. Here in Appalachia it isn't always an easy life, but we help each other when we can. We appreciate the little things of life. 
    Just my way of introducing myself!

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