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  1. Hello Sir,

    I see you've applied for the Mercer County 1st, but I sent you an invite to the WV Three04, as the MC1st is specific to Mercer County WV and it would be far too long a distance for you to travel regularly.

    Please accept the invite to the Three04 and click on 'Topics'. Find the thread for Mason County and introduce yourself there. It is my hope you can find like-minded people IN YOUR AREA with which to join together.

    THANK YOU for your time, interest, passion and sense of responsibility, Sir!

    Matt Thompson
    WV Three04 Oversight

    1. Sniper76


      Thanks Matt! it has been hard to find others on here. I am still pretty busy teaching at the Maryland Sniper school F.L.E.T.C.

      I would like to hookup with a good group. Hope you have a great weekend coming!


    2. Robert P

      Robert P

      We train regularly in Berkeley and Jefferson county's be glad to have you

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