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  1. I like and appreciate the way you state your points.
  2. Think its a darn good idea to help and mentor our neighbors.
  3. At least it should draw the guys/gals out for a conversation. Great potential team building effort!
  4. If you have enough ammo stocked up...why don't you just get an 18" or 20" complete upper. That way you can do long or short actions without conflicting ammo types.
  5. Have an Adam's Arms gas piston ar and it performs just as reliably as the ak, 500 plus rds per session without any stopages. Impingement ar starts having function issues after 235 rds. To think that POS is military issue, mind blowing.
  6. We know what we are getting with President Trump. We know part of what we will get with China Joe and Dromidary Harris, no 1st, 2nd, 4th nor 10th ammendments and that is just what they have stated. Unreasonable taxation without representation, hmm isnt that how our Country got started. Why would we want to regress to that again. If the B-H campaign would admit to the above stated then what are they not telling us. Kind of like an iceburg , you only see the 1/7th that is showing and if that is dangerous then contemplate the rest that you can't see...guarantee that that is a lot worse
  7. Might be a good idea to put pause on all student debt as well as mothball the institutions.unsafe to attend during civil unrest. The crazy Marxists are gonna bottle themselves up in those institutions, so an easy way to contain them is to let them in and then lock the gates behind them "for their own safety and protection" might even be able to starve the stupidity right out of them People tend to understand rational thought when they are hungry and on the "wrong side of the fence"
  8. Sadly your assessment is accurate, know your family and patriotic friends. Groups of like minded patriots must stand together. Security and a level-headed response from a position of strength should help you make what could become a positive or negative decision. God, Family, Country.
  9. Back to the basics. Air, water, food. Cause enough disruption of the basic supply chain and everyone in a metro area will be looking for the basics. Rural areas have those items. I don't think red or blue leanings will change that. I work in the transportation sector and observed how close we dodged the proverbial bullet this round with mandatory lockdowns. The typical progressive has gravitated to the cities and thereby pushed ideological utopian stupidity onto their communities. That is where the outside influences gain the most ground. Yes, if civil unrest disrupts too much the
  10. Just follow the money trail. Who is gaining monetarily from these actions. Cause friction and unrest as well as distrust in anyone in a nominal position of authority to break down societal bonds...instability creating the opportunity for profit. Yes, more than just "global warming" .

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