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    I am the training officer for the Sons of Liberty of Idaho Militia. I was elected to this position based on my experience in the U.S. Army. I was a Forward Observer with the 3rd BDE/3rd ID active duty for two tours in Iraq and then I did a third tour in I
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  1. Great suggestions Spectre. Where do you get specific information on training on those topics? Anyone have any Instructors Training Guides? I know there are a lot of books on these topics out there, but I am not always sure which ones are actually good and few are easy to teach others from.
  2. Yeah, trying to come up with new ideas, so not just covering old ground. I don't know.
  3. So, my group has been on a sabbatical for a little while now. Many members stopped coming and we just kind of ran out of things to do to keep us interested. Leadership wants to continue, but things have just gone stale. Know what I mean? Got any ideas to bring new life to the dead?
  4. missed ya friend

  5. This all looks really good. I don't spend much time at my computer lately, but I should be coming back soon. I am working on it.
  6. Good response. Freedom is a powerful ideal. Everyone desires freedom, but they also need security. Ben Franklin has a famous quote relating to this. Pure freedom is total anarchy. Anarchy allows the people with the most power to force their will over the powerless. Immediately, you have new government as those who have grabbed power now need to enforce and secure it. We saw this in the fall of the Soviet Union. In the immediate aftermath of the collapse of the Communist government, the mafias took over. The people did not want to have to feed from the hands of the mob, so they turned back to the very powers they overthrew. They former communists were basically back in power with just a new name. So, now the Russian people have rebuilt the very government they fought to get rid of. All in the name of freedom. So again, where can we find freedom?
  7. Most people in the liberty movement will answer that it means to "be able to do what you want as long as it doesn't restrict the rights and property of others." Well, ok, but as a social creature just about everything we do has some affect on others. So how do we defend freedom in the "Land of the Free", when so many people feel affected by the actions of others in their society. Who judges what actions have real affect on others? If we are to retain any sense of freedom in our nation, we must be able to clearly define what we mean by that. Our language is under attack and meaning is being lost and muddled. Words are becoming as relative as most of our morals. So, what does it mean to you to be free?
  8. I will grant you that is a valid reason to support Trump, if you can believe he will follow through on that list.
  9. The Republican Party has not done anything to show any real commitment to Christian values. They espouse certain phrases to garner votes and pander to the gullible, but once in power, it is truly quite difficult to tell one party from another by actions alone. Because of this, why should we reward these cretins with continued support?
  10. Yeah, each group needs to figure out the best priorities for itself. Personally, our mission priorities are first self preservation: evade and recon. Next is establishment of long term resistance, set of base of operation and establish supply lines. Third is establishment of intelligence sources; finding those that will feed us information about enemy operations. Forth, active resistance; simple sabotage, man-trapping, sniping, hit-and-run techniques.
  11. I will put in my two cents. Or nation is crumbling away. If it wasn't, we wouldn't even have websites like this. The current state of affairs is not the sole responsibility of the Democrats alone. The Republicans are just as guilty are the Democrats and both have worked together to screw over the average citizen. This is just the nature of those in power. Einstein is famously quoted as saying the definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. This is what we are doing in this nation. Trump is not above this, Trump is part of it. He has admitted to such. I will probably be voting for a third party candidate, because I hate the two-party system that we have fallen prey to and that George Washington warned us about.
  12. Added another AR-15 to the family collection!!!

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