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  1. I get the feeling everyone on these militia sites are waiting until it’s safe to act, that ain’t gonna happen. There is no good way to take the country back. I know this, if we play by rules and they don’t, we lose. Just like Vietnam and Iraq. You can’t win a war if you’re the only one with rules. Fight fire with fire. It’s gonna be messy and people are gonna get hurt, there in lies the sacrifice. I’m ready to do that for the sake of freedom. Living under Socialist rule is not living at all. I just wish I had more people that understood what is really going on. They’re gonna wake up one mo
  2. Watch Jesse Watters on Fox. He ran it down. If you’re not ready to act after you watch it then you have no right calling yourself Patriots or a militia!
  3. Good luck. I’ve been trying for awhile and not interest. They just talk and maybe play army once a week maybe.
  4. If they think they can go door to door without resistance is ignorant. They will tell others to go do it and those people will be risking their live with every knock. Sending lambs to be slaughtered. If we do nothing we deserve everything we get. I can’t believe all these guys went to other countries and shed blood but all they wanna do for their own country all they want to do is play army once a month maybe if even that. I’m sick of it. Don’t call yourself a militia if your not going to do what the title infers.
  5. If they think they’re gonna be able to walk up to peoples houses and say give me your guns without if turning into Waco or Ruby Ridge, then they are more ignorant than I thought. I to am older 61 and on disability but I’ll fight as good as I can and to the death of need be. Because life under those circumstances is no life at all.
  6. I tried to put together a statewide meeting but like truck drivers you can’t get 2 to agree on anything. So I question their motivation. I’m not about joining a frat and it seems like that here. Hell I can go play paintball and get more out of that then here. I’m afraid if we don’t do more than sing around a campfire soon that we will have lost this country for good.
  7. All I know is marching on DC ain’t gonna do shit but give fake news something to degrade us for. It’s time for a big move. BLM got what they wanted and it was because they were peaceful. Squeaky wheel get the grease. If we can just get off our asses and do what we are meant to do. We say we protect the constitution, we’ll it just got shit on and all we’re gonna do is have a love feast in DC. This requires action at top tier. Let me know when y’all decide to live up to the title Militia, I’ll be ready to straighten this shit out. Anyone know how to obtain address that don’t want to be found?
  8. I’m looking for someone who can find address that don’t want to be found.
  9. Also, the signal chat I was in before I signed and can’t get back in
  10. Well, I’m in North of Dallas. Where can I help?
  11. No one owns me and I’ll kill anyone who tries to enslave me. I was born free and will die free how ever that may come about.
  12. The Supreme Court is not going to order a new election, they’re too chickenshit to do it. If ever there was a reason for the Court to do the right thing it’s now and this case. If they don’t take this case then the Court must go by the wayside and Patriots step in.
  13. I have been saying this since before the fixed election. Biden is a Trojan horse candidate. They knew Harris could get close enough for them to cheat her to a win, they didn’t want the old grouch Sanders so they installed Joe who had the closest chance and they could cheat him to a win if they could keep his mouth shut long enough. Then, this is my prediction. In about 6-12 months either Pelosi will 25th amendment Biden installing Harris who couldn’t even win her primary because of her record and ultra radical ideas and planned policies. Or, Joe will develop a condition that actually he
  14. And our so called potus elect says the smartest person he knows is a crackhead traitor under DOJ investigation, his son who he is proud of. Son or not, Hunter is no one to be proud of unless you are also a crook traitor. Ole’ Joe’s character standards are very very low and you can tel that from his cabinet picks. Identity politics, no qualifications at all for the job in most of them.
  15. That’s why it’s time to clean house. They have not been loyal employees. Terminate!
  16. How bad does the political thievery and government banning people from supporting their families and running their businesses, the massive lawbreaking going on in politics with no one being held accountable. Conservatives are being physically attacked because of their beliefs. Make no mistake, Trump supporters are being targeted physically, verbally and even opening on mainstream media being called rejects, undesirables and call for our elimination. We have a traitor fixin’ to setup business in the Whitehouse exposing the country. Congress has 4 freshman congresswomen( term women used lo
  17. With Congress(Pelosi) allowing the American backbone small businesses go broke because she hates Trump and allowing a spy to infiltrate the government. These no good son of a bitches need to learn who the fuck they work FOR. They should only be promoting things we have told them we are for and defunding police or military ain’t it. It is way past time to fuckin’ clean house one way or the other.
  18. As soon as I find a organization I fit in I am ready to reclaim the Constitution from the communist/socialists who stole it.

    1. JWGuitar


      Try III% DM 

  19. Very thoughtful and enlightening. I’m on the same page. Just looking for an organization that is more than a workout club wearing fatigues.
  20. Does anyone else feel we got fucked by the Supreme Court? They should at the very least heard the argument. It’s like they’re in the bag too. Sad day for the country when you can cheat, steal and change rules in middle of a critical election and no one can or will do a thing about it. We are officially a Banana Republic.
  21. Even the God Damn Supreme Court won’t stand up and protect the Constitution. This country is in a fuckin’ free fall. Right is wrong and up is down.

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