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    Im married with no children and spend most of my days working the land. Ive got no special skills per say in categories most militia look for. I raise, grow, hunt and butcher 80% of the food my family requires and dont have much use for stores. True Freed
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  1. I thought about filling a report just so there is record of the incident in case something does happen. I decided against it because all they will do is talk to me, and knock on his door and give him a talking to. My word against his. Here in ny they have been releasing rapists, drug dealers and burglars without bail thanks to bail reform law. My concern is that by making a report, if they go there to speak with him it will incite him to react and escalate. I am supposed to be leaving for vermont in a few days to look for farms for sale,lease or rent. The property line and risk is not worth fighting over at this point. We would have moved already if not for the lockdowns. We were packing to move when the panic started. The idea of my wife here alone for that time has me worrying already, but One of us has to stay to take care of the crops and the livestock. If I dont go than we will be stuck here until next spring in the least. Tough call
  2. I'm aware of that, armor buys time for the wearer or may take a shot that would be fatal and make it survivable.That's all I'm looking to do. even if the bullets stopped I know that kind of force leaves broken bones and internal bleeding. I've got a .22 cal in my left lung. It's been there about 14 years now. When it first happened, Doctor called it a million dollar wound. If it had been a millimeter or two further to the left it would have perforated my heart. I was about 30 minutes from the nearest town, by the time I was brought into the ER, which was nothing but a transfer center they said there was no way I'd survive the flight to a hospital with the proper facilities to operate. Two doctors argued. One said I would die on the chopper if they sent me out, the other thought they would kill me attempting to save me there. It was a young doctor, and an old doctor. In the end, they left it up to me. I signed a waver, freeing them of responsibility if i died to allow the procedure to take place right there. The old doctor had to be in his 70s or 80s. He saw combat fighting either for the russians or against them in his youth. Cant remember which. Long story short, the old man told the nurse to give me something to bite down on and he cut me open right there in the hospital room, no morphine, no lidocaine and no sedative he popped a chest tube into my lung and taped the shit out of it. An hour later I was on a chopper to Westchester where I spent the next couple weeks til the tube could come out and a suction patch was put on. At Westchester surgeons discussed my options to either operate and remove it, which was risky because of its proximity to my heart and would require them to crack open my rib cage, or to leave it where it was. They said at some point it may migrate and become life threatening. Or it may form scar tissue and stay put. I left it there. When I get chest xrays now it's a joke a love to play on the staff. They take an xray, and ask me if I'm wearing a nipple ring. I saw no and pretend to be baffled as to what that strange blip on the screen is. Guess what I'm trying to say, if I had been wearing armor, even light armor it would have stopped that round. I know it isnt magic, but neither are the firearms we carry. They just tip the odds a bit more in our favor. I'm a civilian, a farmer, a woodsman and a family man, not a soldier. If it comes down to a firefight, I may die anyway. If armor will keep me alive long enough to keep returning fire until my loved ones are safely away or the threat is eliminated that's good enough for me. So please, if men more experienced than me can answer some of my questions it would be appreciated
  3. 1) searching for physical stores near upstate ny or rutland area vermont to purchase from. 2) need to keep it affordable, but reliable. What brands should I avoid and which ones should I trust? 3) was planning on getting rifle rated hard plates and a lighter soft vest instead of trauma pads. Good idea or bad one? 4) from what I've read, IV isnt always better than III. For a variety of reasons. Thoughts on this? 5) Ideally looking for a rifle rated set up that can take multiple hits if need be, but is comfortable and light enough to be worn for extended periods. This set up will be for my wife. 6) what combination of plate/soft vest would offer best balance between protection,mobility and weight. III or IV plates, couple with II or III soft armor? Threat protection expectation for lvl III plate with lvl II or III soft vest ,no trauma pad? / lvl IV plate coupled with II soft vest no trauma pad? Or would III rated soft vest still be recommended? 7) I have seen alot of these smaller more compact plates advertised lately that only cover heart and lungs, leaving everything below the ribs exposed. Thought about getting one rated IV and coupling it with a III soft vest for gut cover for myself? Scenario I am looking at is multiple civilian threats raiding or robbing the farm. I can really only afford one quality "any and all" set up, the second rig minimum protection. My wife hunts and shoots as well as I do but shes never been shot at. Dont know how shes going to react.Not even sure which of the rigs or set ups she should have. Best worst case scenario, we cant hold, I stay behind to buy her time for E&E. What I fear the most is i go down but she lives and cant get away. Been on my mind alot lately, had alot of new people moving into the area since covid. Closest are only a 1/4 mile away. Met one of them last week after my wife came acrossed him in the woods, she was gathering firewood at the edge of our property line. She came home pretty shook up. The first time she met him He was captain chivalry with other neighbors around. This 2nd time he felt like playing Billy baddass out in the woods with no one else around.Tells me all I need to know about a mans character. Apparently trying to make the acre on the property line is on No mans land. When I went back there to straighten things out he got nasty pretty quick, talked alot of shit and said I messed with the wrong guy, hes gonna see to it I find out why yadda yadda. I just told him to stay the hell away from my wife and to have a nice day. Told my wife not to go walking the property alone anymore. guy is just a loud mouthed coward, but these rioters going unpunished is making the idiots bolder. Too many people are getting the idea the law doesnt apply. Hes not the only new one in these parts like that. Two people cant work a farm and watch all sides. Armor is for a little edge to defend against a first strike. Cant where it all the time but a little extra weight for the time being will be good excercise Thanks for taking the time, any advice on armor selection is appreciated. Advice on the idiots isnt needed,just context.
  4. The left does need to be stopped. But half of them dont even realize what the hell it is they are actually having the way for. If they knew, things would be dancing to a different toon. Alot of their numbers arent even true left I dont think, they are just in it for the mayhem. Shit needs to have an end put to it now, but we need to end it by getting them to come around and see what's really happening. Not by eliminating them. Numbers are already too few. I dont have a real solution, but I see what I see. The longer it goes on the clearer it becomes. I truly think the powers that be are stepping back because they want Us to step up. Let the two sides decimate each other, call it a terrible tragedy while they make an example out of whoever is left standing
  5. Is there any kind of rust preventitive or lubricant that will cause issues with this foam? Heard stories about people costing their rifles for storage only to open the cases later and find the foam melted to their gear
  6. I'll start By saying BLM movement is being co-opted and used at the highest level. If you talk to some of the people involved they believe they are being used as well. Some of them dont give a shit and are just enjoying the freedom of chaos with the perks. Happens on all sides. We all know of rogue milita units there are not much better. " race ,color , politics,creed ,nationality, religious practice, as well as financial status are irrelevant. Those in power want to divide us by all of those things, because divided we fall. So they find the most absurd sound bites they can and use them to further enflamed everyone. I support and will defend against tyranny, oppression or social injustice. I support men and women with good hearts. I support our men and women in blue, who attempt to maintain order and save lives even while they have become pariahs. I will not support hypocrisy. a government that orders riot police and guardsmen to fire on civilians on their own property or engaging in peaceful protest. As pissed as I was at first, I dont support using our military or guard to end this. I Do Not support our political leaders Kneeling for those injured or killed by law enforcement. Our soldiers and officers were given orders and followed them, even against good conscience. The political leaders who gave those orders are using them as scape goats. I will not support equality through taking rights from one group to give freedom to another. There is only One True Division among all people that matters. There are those with hearts full of good who struggle with every dicission they make when right or wrong is not clearly defined. Then those with with evil in their core enjoying this chaos, using the good to destroy it because it opposes them. Turning We the People against one another and reveling in the fact we are doing their work for them, that they have made Americans, patriots, outraged that the far left wing is running amok. Outraged enough that we are selves are clambering for soldiers to be sent in and these people punished. Dont you see what's happened? 7 months ago we marched on Capitol hill to face corruption. Ready to fight if they deployed soldiers to take us by force. Now we are practicality demanding it be done to deal with these people we are calling terrorists. Just like they did to us. We are being played. Those people out there ARE Not the enemy. They are confused and being led by media. We need to recon and parlay if it seems the media is painting them wrong. If we parlay and it I am wrong. We take the city back. If I'm right. It's time we take our country back instead. As one people, undivided. No more media led hate, no more lies. Or fake kneeling from these career political asshats. They are slowly enacting all the 2A restrictions they passed quietly during the chaos. If we dont act now, it will be another hundred years before people rise up again. And the next time it wont be with rifles and equipment. It will be with whatever crude tools repressed populations are allowed to possess. Forget about black lives matter, white lives and all lives matter,about white privilege, and about racism. All those things exist, but they are pieces of cheese in maze being thrown to enraged spirits while shadow work is dont to repair a hole in the maze we may act escape from. I hear the Patriots armed, trained talk about if it's time for revelution but dont always hold fast waiting for the people to rise first. Now I see the protesters rising up In revolt. But because they are doing it over race and are destroying as they do it. The right will not support them. At the core this is more about government corruption than it appears. They give orders to the peace keepers, they allowed things to become this way. Now they kneel to the rioters. Not because they are sorry or believe in their cause. But to stall for time. Because they soon expect the Patriots movement to rise against these protesters in outrage to defend american values. I guarentee the military will be sent in to mop them up when it's over. I know alot of my brothers and sisters in arms out there see these people as terrorists. I did do at first. But they are not. They are standing up against corruption, but unfortunately their narrative is twisted because they believe media and dont have the facts. they are just putting the wrong label on it. 6 months ago these same people cthought we were racist terrorists for the Virginia rally because they listened to media. Now we are doing the same thing because of media. None of us have been to this CHAZ zone to see the truth. Calling all III%s FORM UP, GEAR UP, GET MOVING. Destination CHAZ zone for recon. We go In Gray man , collect data, ascertain situation and go from there. If the media is lying, we will know it. Phase 2 is make contact with their leaders and come to some agreement. This may be a real shot at making change in this government. a revolution that could succeed is happening, but without us. Its doomed to fail. I dont like or agree with all of these BLM protestors, I support our police officers. But people are people. No matter what they support, there are bad people in the mix. Our gov was restricting the 1a and the 2nd amendment harder than ever before corona and continue to do so. old horses remain in power. Our constitution is being picked apart as We speak. The liberals rose up poorly armed, with no training, and fought hard enough to push back and get political leaders to kneel and now I am getting ads to support BLM. All we ever do is ask if it's time. And they beat us to the punch. I dont know about yall, but I dont like the new world they are shaping. We need to add our strength to theres, and with it our ideals so there is balance. This new world wont see birth with just half the people. It needs us all. This Is A Call To Arms. Now or never. When finally they suppress the left, they will be coming after the right next.
  7. https://www.pennlive.com/coronavirus/2020/03/shots-fired-at-pa-sheetz-after-man-coughs-doesnt-cover-mouth-amid-coronavirus-epidemic-report.html?fbclid=IwAR0gVFwnxQQ7j2cSlfuR0P37lAAo4U_HJ43deNoB2LlC11obiQOMdWR7120 This is the kind of stuff I was talking about
  8. I didn't hear about 3 days of power out. Their Reason and Sources? What state/locations?
  9. Seems like this is exactly what it is. Events of the last 8 months seem unrelated on the surface but consider this. 1) Red flag law and confiscation passes. Allowing emergency searches and seizures to be done without a warrant if need be in cases extreme risk is deemed. Bill is submitted lockstep by some of the most free gun states in the nation after ny. Result: nation wide armed protest 2)new York passes bail reform, majority of criminals now catch and release, including,rape,burglary and manslaughter. Result: crime rate increases nearly 40% 3) discovery law overburdens justice system as Courts now must present all trial evidence within 15 days. Result: courts no longer prosecuting non felonies due to overflow. 4) inmates are being released (many confirmed corona cases, tested after the fact) with no money, no food,no place to go into a society already in dissaray due to shortages,job loss and lockdown. 5) Muster call of up to 1 million issued through executive order for pandemic aide and supply relief. Troops deployed full battle rattle, states begin trying use them to initiate lockdown through check points. 6) announcements made for door to door searches and arrests using guard for Ny residents trying leave or that are out of new York. Result: heavy resistance is vocalized. Action on standby?? EValuation: pre pandemic actions that seemed like poorly thought out ideas and caused alot of chaos overburdened the system to the point it social order was affected. Criminals have had months to get used to the fact their crimes wont be punished. The pandemic only encouraging already emboldened criminals. this Set the stage for crisis we are beginning to experience now.. Conclusion: circumstances were engineered to require and justify martial law while a restructuring takes place behind the scenes. I missed some stuff but you see what I'm saying.
  10. I'm not far from orange county myself. I've had my fill of wackos however, hit me up before travel restrictions are enforced. Don't think we have much time
  11. Seen articles from kingston. Closed pizzeria was robbed. These idiots are going to be the reason for putting boots on the ground. Buckle up butter cup, they aren't letting anyone off this ride til it's over
  12. https://www.google.com/url?q=https://www.poughkeepsiejournal.com/story/news/local/2020/03/28/riot-fire-breaks-out-newburgh-police-say-armed-man-killed/2933513001/&sa=U&ved=2ahUKEwjFj_uSpcboAhWGknIEHf3ZDYsQ0PADMAV6BAgJEBY&usg=AOvVaw3fohbZf6hmX-v5vOPC5Pc6 Old news now but posting for authenticity confirmation. Should be able to Google it now and get a bunch of hits
  13. The occurrence is not what's out of the norm but the increased frequency of citizen on cop shootings. Google Arizona , 3 dead. Grape vine says Middletown now has incoming guard issued with full load prepared act in case of runest if sources are correct. Some things may seem unrelated but the underlying tension gives way to extreme behavior. I'm not trying to play the alarmist roll but reasoning and probability suggest one is the by product of the other
  14. Been wondering the same thing myself. Our joint chiefs just nestled into Cheyenne so whatever it is, its something big. I've got some theories on it but they all sound crazy as hell, even to me but son of bitch the pieces fit flush enough to be plausable.

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