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  1. Perhaps a better question last night might have been "Wow Mr President you beat the virus in 4 days. Are you made of steel? And the therapeautics that your Administration have developed are nothing short of a miracle. Can we now get back to work and stop living in fear of a Medical Tyranny run by Bill F'n Gates? Thank you for all you have done. I will now respectfully STFU and allow you to answer." Another question might be “Mr President how do you respond to the fact that the Press Secretary of the White House has been removed by Twitter for Retweeting a valid news story from the Mainstream NY Post regarding Hunter Biden being a pedophile meth head who in emails is seen denigrating his father for taking half of his “salaries” from Ukranian Energy Companies and powerful Russian oligarchs”? I guess to it would have been nice when that condescending smirking unattractive woman of a “journalist” prodded “but QAnon says that the Deep State is a Satanic Network of pedophiles controlled by bribery and blackmail whose members, from Pedowood to Capitol Hill average 3 acts of treason per day before I’ve had my coffee” if Trump had said…”Well lets look at Jeff Epstein. Should we start with YOUR ties to him and how you got this job? Or should we go with the low hanging fruit first? Ghizlane Maxwell, his “girlfriend” is reported by many of the survivors to be the most cruel sadistic baby raper of them all. Think jumper cables, impaling and well I could go on.” “Well her father Robert Maxwell “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” was a high level British Spy who fit hand in glove with the Israeli Mossad. Epstein himself was a Mossad Agent (who else could fake their death out of a maximum security prison and disappear?) Well they ran a nice big honey trap. An island complete with an Egyptian Temple with numerous underground levels for all kinds of mean nasty ugly things. Think virgin sacrifice/Adrenochrome harvesting. A honey trap of course is when you provide people (yes ladies seem to enjoy this too) with their every fantasy, the darker and more career threatening the better, and you film them through a peep hole in the many secret tunnels that connect one bedroom or bathroom, or concrete room where the blood washes out easily, to the next. At least thats how they did it in the days of the Black Dahlia. Today we just use any smart device in the room. Oh and speaking of the Black Dahlia, the main suspect to anyone paying attention is a doctor named George Hodel. He specialized in safe and illegal abortions and the treatment of STDs which made him a favorite of the Hollywood set, and others high in the LA hierarchy including the many mobsters who ran Hollywood and impregnated the starlets. His daughter, Tamar Hodel publicly accused her father of not only raping her countless times but passing her around to his occult circle that included Mann Ray and if I am not mistaken Bruce Dern. She, of course was completely torn apart by a hostile LA Press, some of whom, no doubt had had their taste of her and could be implicated and blackmailed, let alone lose access to “The Game.” Well Tamar became the surrogate mother to a young girl named Michelle. Michelle became yet another Monarch Sex slave thrust upon the scene with her sultry “fuck me” look and those deep dark eyes that never quite focused and always looked like they were in another dimension. We know her as Michelle Phillips of the Mamas and the Papas whose husband John is KNOWN to have carried on long term sexual affairs with all 3 of his daughters, Mackenzie, Chyna and Bijou who still has “Daddy” tattooed on her bum. Chyna, of course gave more than enough “hints” in her Wilson Phillips song. Hints like “he touched me and it was wrong.” Mackenzie didn’t beat around the bush. She writes that he injected her with cocaine when she was 11 and started banging her right around the same time. But I don’t see any generational pedophillia here. http://centerforaninformedamerica.com/inside-the-lc-the-strange-but-mostly-true-story-of-laurel-canyon-and-the-birth-of-the-hippie-generation-part-xix/ Lets move on. This is not a book. Its a rant. Feel free to follow up on your own. Lets talk about the Podestas. Yes we all know that the sketches of the eye witnesses of the Madeline McCann kidnapping are dead ringers for John and Tony Podesta and also Ghizlane Maxwell. Do we know that the day before he died of a heart attack gun that Andrew Breitbart stated that John Podesta was a huge child trafficker, that he had the evidence to put him away and watch out cause its coming. You would think that people would stop telegraphing their damn blows, because anytime HilaRIGGED hears that you have dirt on her or her campaign coordinator or Laura Silsby, convicted child trafficker etc you end up mysteriously dead. But not to worry. The media will bury it under a mass shooting or why the POTUS doesn’t wear a mask or some retarded 16 year old telling us the sky is falling. So yes, here is a half a page of evidence that PedoWood and DC are Satanic Child Trafficking fronts. But feel free to jump into Q Anon if you really want to have your mind blown. Oh, thats right you can’t. Because Google/YouTube just scrubbed the 30 top Q Researchers yesterday. Poof, Gone. So are all the videos they have done in the last 3 years. But the genie is out of the bottle. There are hundreds of millions of Q supporters worldwide, and that is a conservative estimate. Funny they never scrub or censor anyone who said “we have irrefutable proof that Trump conspired with Russia” even though that is proven to be false and libelous. But find Hunter Biden’s laptop with actual damning, and I mean DAMNING evidence, again with hints, unverified at this time, of “underage obsession.” So I don’t know if he just had his hookers dressing up as school girls (perfectly legal) or was actually banging schoolgirls (illegal unless you’re a democrat or PedoWood perv) but its coming out. Of course not as quickly with 30 major voices gagged. But the advantage to being a digital army of hundreds of millions is that they can’t shut us all up. See here I am telling you! And far from being a bunch of 15 yos LARPing in their mothers basement, the Q Army has high level military, both active and retired, scientists, teachers, Martial Artists, housewives and red pilled individuals of all statures who love this country, hate the Tyrannical Globalist Agenda which they are shoving down our throats day in and day out, are f’n sickened by the things we know about the Global Child Trafficking rings, and, quite frankly, love this President who is standing up to them in the face of massive attacks on a daily basis which include the most horrid form of false witness and lying lying lying by the Deep State Media. If you are reading this YOU ARE THE RESISTANCE! I’m going to wrap up now. Watch this video. Why they didn’t go after StyxNhammer I don’t know, but here he is. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83Oi7licNfY This is a good fairly quick video that sums it all up. What I have briefly touched upon is the tip of the iceberg. It has taken 3 years for Q to lay out the whole case and he/she/they have not told us 10% of what is out there. Like any study or discipline, you don’t become expert by learning one song. Eventually, if you hope to progress you have no choice but to actually learn MUSIC. Well how many lifetimes do you have? Thats how long this has been happening. The Ancient Babylonian Temples of Moloch have never disappeared. Think Bohemian Grove. Think Vlad the Impaler and the Blood Countess. Remember that every instrument of medieval torture was developed by the Church and the State. If you don’t think those f’n pedophiles in the Vatican were busting a nut (and likely harvesting Adrenochrome) as they tortured midwives and astronomers to death then you are one brainwashed fool. This is another can of worms. But to keep it short just know that the worship of Satan, Baal, Moloch and Mammon have never ceased. If you believe that the Political Military Industrialist Complex would engage in worldwide perpetual warfare (LIke, look at the world), to enrich and empower themselves and their cabal, but you don’t believe they would sacrifice a child to the same ends, then you need to read up on Operation Phoenix. Better yet, perhaps, you need to be reincarnated as a 9 yo Vietnamese girl as soldiers torch your hut rip the rags from your body and rape and brutalise you to a horrible death at the orders of their Sgt who took their orders from a General who took his orders from Michael Aquino, High Priest of The Church of Satan and Lt Col head of Psychological Operations and MK Ultra there in Presidio right by Bohemian Grove. The same Michael Aquino whose wife Lillith ran a day care center on the base and hundreds of officers children described some pretty horrific sexual brutality involving feces and the murder of cats. But the Army quashed that case. So nothing to see here. And I’m just getting started. So let me end it. This world is run by Fallen Angels. And they hate you. And they lead the masses (asses) like sheep right to slaughter. Let me end here with lyrics of Pink Floyd SHEEP. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JRNjxxVRlck Hopelessly passing your time in the grassland away Only dimly aware of a certain unease in the air You better watch out There may be dogs about I've looked over Jordan, and I have seen Things are not what they seem What do you get for pretending the danger's not real Meek and obedient you follow the leader Down well trodden corridors into the valley of steel What a surprise The look of terminal shock in your eyes Now things are really what they seem No, this is no bad dream The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want He makes me down to lie Through pastures green He leadeth me the silent waters by With bright knives he releaseth my soul He maketh me to hang on hooks in high places He converteth me to lamb cutlets For lo, He hath great power, and great hunger When cometh the day we lowly ones Through quiet reflection, and great dedication Master the art of karate Lo, we shall rise up And then we'll make the bugger's eyes water Bleating and babbling we fell on his neck with a scream Wave upon wave of demented avengers March cheerfully out of obscurity into the dream Have you heard the news? The dogs are dead You better stay home And do as you're told Get out of the road if you want to grow old
  2. Thank you again for your thoughtful response.  I cannot link through the email you sent and I now see that my handle has been changed, through no action of my own of which I am aware from Tao Jones to my legal name.  NOT COOL! 


    Be that as it may, I am interested in taking the next steps to join up with some like minded patriots.  Facebook is no longer an option as it seems I am forever banned.  I am on Gab at https://gab.com/scarpin80  I'm new over there myself and its not quite as user friendly as FB in terms of functionality, but it is much more free in terms of speech.


    Also, perhaps it would be easier to simply email.  My email is [email protected]  


    I look forward to connecting with you.  wwg1wga

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