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  1. I just passed Kingman last week. Is it going to be at the 7 mile range?
  2. I like the way you narrate the videos. Just want to give a little shit though on a phrase most of us say when it doesn't apply. "No harm, no foul." Yes there was harm and definitely a foul.
  3. I know. I knew what was at stake. I just think my fellow libertarians where overwhelmed and too excited about someone finally talking about how wretched the 16th amendment is.
  4. I understand the very large hurtles to pack it. Honestly, I'm trying to be heard on my call though, if Joe Harris wins and John Roberts retires then....??? Maybe conspiracy theories are possibly true. And honestly I hope and pray that I'm wrong.
  5. I'm a diehard libertarian, fiscally conservative and socially liberal, but I knew better on this one though. This was not the time to vote libertarian to make a point against the two parties bankrupting our nation. $27.2 Trillion. OMFG. If you are libertarian keep reading, if not, don't forget that both parties are responsible for the ever growing figure above. How I think the libertarian party can become viable is to flip just one state that is considered a stronghold for Democrats, not flipping over 270 electoral votes. In doing so we will shake the nation. Both parties will feve
  6. If Joe Harris wins and John Roberts retires then I'll know that there is collusion within my government
  7. If Joe Harris wins and John Roberts retires then I'll know that there is collusion within our government. 

  8. There are two things I have been saying to myself for a few years now when I intuitively realized that the Democrats are putting us on "benefits" the Republicans are going to us work for it, and the Patriot Act was not passed for the Arab jihadist it's for the American Patriot. Just think about that Patriot Act and how they have it setup and ready to go. Think of how hard it would be to break out American Patriot Fighters from that base. Nice isolation!
  9. I hate my state too and I don't blame you. If I stay I will continue to be persecuted, if I leave I'll be frowned upon till my license plates change. What a conundrum!
  10. Awesome! This poor man needs a place to train like how I need a place to train out here in nightmare California. I have a one year membership to South Bay Rod & Gun Club here in San Diego county. Sadly, it will be my last. I went to the range to learn and practice drawing from my shoulder holster to which I was told that I couldn't because I am not in or retired from law enforcement or the military. What Bullshit! Now I have to go out to the sticks to teach myself instead of being in an environment to which I can ask questions and seek advice from those who many know a lot.
  11. Jason from San Diego. Saw this shit coming for years now. LMFAO now when I think back to all those that thought I was a dumb shit for wanting to reload 9mm and 223/5.56. Even when California was lining up its background checks for all ammunition purchases people still disagreed. Now I cant even find cases on the ground in all of the shooting places that I know of in the county. I would know, I helped pick them up, picture below. Nothing is left!!! IM CAPITALIZING THIS BECAUSE IT'S A GRATITUDE PRAYER. THANK YOU SIR, WHOM EVER YOU ARE, AT THE SPORTSMAN'S WAREHOUSE, DOWN T
  12. Hey Daniel, no shit California sucks. My birthday is the 27th and the best present for life is the conformation of Amy Coney Barrett. I'm with you though. I feel like a lame duck here but worst. I wouldn't doubt it that the majority of our fellow California statesman would help the CCP or the court packing Leftist when their communist agenda come to flourish. I think I'm are better off here on the 928 and trying to get with a some people in AZ and join a militia as Skillet has explained I'm going to keep pestering Sailor even though I have not met the ma
  13. Ty for the response Skillet. I kinda started to think that when I realized how big the 928 area code is. Hey Arizona Patroit, sounds to me that how a militia starts is when people like us start to talk. Are you in the Yuma or Imperial County Ca area?
  14. Thanks Sailor. I cant kick free. Did you see the topic that I posted. Was wondering if 928 goes out for target practice.

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