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  1. Hello, Jason here from Santee, Ca. I hope I'm posting in the right spot, the 928 militia page. I'm out in the Yuma area a lot and I've been wanting to join a militia for quite some time now. I see that there are militias in California, and although I was born and raised here, I do not wish to serve with them for I have always felt like the outcast in my backward state.


    Family reasons first and economic factors second, I am not able to vacate the state for a few more years but, boy am I clammering to beat feet! I'm looking forward to meeting new people from outside of my state that share a lot of my points of view. Thanks you to whomever built mymilitia.com, and a double thanks to those that populate it. 

    1. JebBowyer56


      I see I missed my mark. Remember to squeeze the trigger, not pull it for better accuracy 

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