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  1. Lets start training folks. Check our gear, check our weapons and check our resolve. We will soon be labeled enemies of the state. What will history say about us when we allowed our great Republic to fall into the hands of Tyrants.?! We cannot sit on our hands while their hands change everything we hold dear. This cannot stand. 

    1. John Seven

      John Seven

      I was encouraged to see many many thousands of Trump supporters decend on DC Saturday. I think patriotism is alive and well.

    2. Ranger3%


      I was as well.  Which is also what they aim to destroy. Our resolve and our cause must be heard much more across this country.  I call on us all to fulfill our purpose as Patriots. Once there is a change at 1600 PA AVE, we will not be considered Patriots by the powers that be. We are in the way of their agenda. 

    3. Raider45


      Saturday 11/21/20 NOON or before.  Meet in Concord in front of the House for STOP THE STEAL.  I will be in a green III% hoodie with cotton cloth American flag on a tall stained pole.


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