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    [I]Former US Army, Artillery Survey, like Recon/ Forward Observ. 1970-1973. Czech Border, Nuremburg Germany. Fort Sill Ok. 3rd BN 17th Arty, HQ Batt. Self Propelled 8in Howitzers. 2nd Armored Cav. 7th Corp. M-16, M-60, M-2, LAW. M-79. Life Member NRA,
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  1. I'm Bruce, U.S.Army Veteran 1970-1973, I'm 67. Did Basic at Fort Cambell KY, Training At Fort Sill OK, Artillery, 8in self propelled howitzers. Two Rivers. Still shooting M-1 Garand and AR-15., 1911 , and others. Have own moveout gear. Former FFL holder, Work in retail firearms. Took my Oath in Dec 1970. 920-857-8364
  2. The One world planners have duped us into raising a generation of avid video game players who have turned their sick fantasy into our tragic reality. From a Military perspective violent video games are murder simulators that train kids to kill. Why does God allow so much violence in our schools? Thanks again to our one world government handlers He's not allowed. We closed our school doors to God and left them open to Satan. All this for a manufactured pretense to remove the Second Amendment, blame firearms. To excite the public to demand something be done. We all know it isn't a Gun problem. President Obama did change this nation fundamentally. He's divided us to where we're 50/50 to 45/55 on Progressive. Liberal. Socialist, Communist, Democrat vs Conservative, Constitutional, Libertarian Republican. To a point where American now has to be destroyed before it can be reborn as a Socialist Nation. No easy answers here. But we must fight. By the pen, ballot box, or cartridge box.
  3. Looking to join a local group. Armed forces veteran.

  4. My NRA Decals, and such stay right where they are. If you wanna bail over a toy, feel free. I've been a life member since 1976. Don't need a bump stock for the preservation of the Second Amendment. If and when the time comes there will be Full Autos brought with Leftist, UN, and your tax money, laying around. Also a member of the Second Amendment Foundation, Gun Owners of America, Firearm Business Assn, Firearm Dealers Assn, and The Firearms Coalition.
  5. Just reporting whats out there. Take it all with a grain of salt. Don't believe a thing you hear and half of what you see...
  6. Antifa plans A Nationwide demonstration on Nov 4th, to shut the country down cause disruption of traffic and commerce. To start a civil war and to remove Trump from office. With the help from others such as Black Lives Matter, Isis maybe, All bought and paid for. They've been buying Weapons, and Ammo, Knives etc. To cause major mayhem, overwhelm emergency services, Some use full idiots were on You Tube explaining how to use an AK 47. Want a good laugh watch some of the shit on that.
  7. Like the school shootings, night club shootings, etc. Each one to be worse than the next. parroted by the complicent national media to promote the agenda of banning all firearms piecemeal or all at once. Is another attack on the Reich stad. They do not care how many men women or children die to promote their agenda. Stalin killed millions. IF AND WHEN the American people wake up to the slaughter perpetrated on them, in their name, with their tax money. Only then will the Militia Movement Grow by leaps and bounds. Most people, being people, will tolerate the sufferable till it becomes unsufferable, to unbearable. Then and only then will they act. Then "where can I get a gun?" For most it ll be too late. If all they can get banned is an accessory called a bump fire they will take it. But the Camels nose is already under the tent, and is standing inside. Now is the time if your an NRA member wear and display it proudly, engage in dialog. Ive had my ass jumped already by a Liberal, Red, Panty Waisted, Diaper Baby, Good Time Rock N Roller, Yellow Plastic Banana, Democrat. That the NRA has the Republican Party wrapped around their fingers. Not so Comrade ,I said. Planned Parent Hood has the Democrats wrapped around their fingers not only with donations such as the NRA but with TAX DOLLARS. How many babies has Planned Parent hood killed. MANY MANY, More than any of my Firearms or of the NRA.
  8. The old saying holds true....Follow the MONEY. This anti American stuff has now bled into our Sports and Sports Media. We seem to stand by till the next thing happens. Waiting for the next shoe to drop. mean while we talk, which is better than the alternative. We point fingers at each other and trade insults. As long as we have the ballot box, there's no need for the cartridge box. But that alternative is there also. Let them fire the first shots, if they haven't been fired already.The 2018 Mid terms could get ugly. The 2020 Presidential worse. If the Democrats win they're gonna want payback. Meanwhile ,Pause, Pray. and Prepare
  9. Looking for Militia Members 1st regiment Wisconsin Militia. in N.E, Wisconsin. Grossheimbruce@gmail.com

  10. At this point in my life at 66 I'm no spring chicken anymore. I have my Sons family nearby. My sole purpose would be to aid their survival and those in the community of like mind. I took took the Oath in Dec of 1970. My grandchildren are too young and I can tell they are being fed the Government dictate. But my Son knows my stance, and opinion. These words come to mind. "Is life so dear, or Peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of Slavery? Forbid It Almighty God. I know not what course others may take, but as for me. Give Me Liberty, or Give Me Death." PATRICK HENRY< MARCH 23, 1775 Strong words I'm sure. Know one knows till that time. Some who talk will shrink from their duty. Others will be forced to stand up and fight. I hope that more stand up, than not. I pray for this country, for I think we are recieving Gods punishment. For accepting the Homosexual Lifestyle, Trans genders, Abortion of the unborn. Taking God out of our schools and Government. We have let ourselves be divided. I think it was Benjamin Franklin who said "Either we hang together, or We will hang separately"
  11. I made the mistake of responding to a facebook post from the American Militia. I got bombed by a little turd called Brady Crow. From Texas. Second mistake was trying to dialog with him. Was no reasoning, An Antifa nut job. called me a Nazi over and over, Anti Christian, whites, Confederate Monuments,etc. Any other vile name included. Bombed my friends. Sent me a photo of Brad Pitt with a K bar from Inglorious bastards. Like I'm gonna cut a swashtika in your forehead. Filed a complaint with facebook, all they did was block him. Told him he didn't scare me none. I Faced, and served with better men than him. And when he makes up his mind what bathroom to use to look me up. Went ballistic when I disagreed with him on legalizing marijuana. Hates veterans. America, Sounds like a Rich Kid whos mad at his Parents who spoiled him, even a hint of abuse. More than I could handle.
  12. I've used the .35 Rem, .308, 8mm Mauser, 30.06 and .300 Win Mag. All performed excellent.

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