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  1. Any one need radios, questions, setups, programming, setup mobile repeaters.  Contact International space station, or use there repeater!  Let me know what you want!  I do what I can!  I am here to help!  Let me know!  God bless and protect,  All Patriots!   Amen.  P.s. working on hardware for ATAK/civ.  Interested let me know!  


    1. Carl H B

      Carl H B



      I'm an old Parachute Infantry Vietnam Veteran.  My unit needs advice for what type of portable/walkie talkie/base and repeater radio set up we can use to achieve a 20 mile distance.


      Hopefully you will help my unit and I.


      My unit clandestine but 
      I need to talk to you.


      82nd Airborne Division-Vietnam 1968-69

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