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  1. Our next meeting will be within the first two weeks of February. The exact day and time will be decided at the end of the month. Everybody welcome!
  2. We are meeting this evening at 1830 in Carbon Hill, Alabama. For directions or info call me at 205 471 1088
  3. We are having a meeting this evening in Carbon Hill, Alabama and anyone is welcome to attend. It will be at 1830. For more info such as directions or the address please call me at 205 471 1088.

  4. Carbon Hill, Alabama. Having our second meeting Friday Jan 8th at 6:30pm 1830. For address, directions or info call me at 205 471 1088.
  5. Meeting in Carbon Hill. Friday Jan. 8th at 6:30pm 1830. Address, directions or info I can be reached at 205 471 1088.
  6. NWAM We will be meeting in Carbon Hill, Alabama. Friday Jan 8th at 6:30pm all are welcome. Call me for address or info. 205 471 1088
  7. Carbon Hill Alabama here. Having a meeting Friday. Jan 8th at 630pm 1830. Call me anytime Wednesday or Thursday for address, directions or any other info. 205 471 1088
  8. We are meeting up in Carbon Hill Friday Jan. 8th at 630pm 1830. If you think you arent to far would like for you to join us. Address and any other info you need you can call me at 205 471 1088
  9. I'm in Carbon Hill and we will be meeting up Jan 8th at 6:30pm 1830. If you need my address call me please!
  10. Great call me any time if you need directions. My GPS I cant always depend on.
  11. Meeting here Friday Jan. 8th 6:30 pm. Call for the address at 205 471 1088
  12. Carbon Hill, Alabama. USAF. I have some med training by running with one ambulance service and two for departments.
  13. If we get enough Patriots for a meeting when are trying to get together it will be in Carbon Hill. 205 471 1088

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