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  1. We are having a meeting this evening in Carbon Hill, Alabama and anyone is welcome to attend. It will be at 1830. For more info such as directions or the address please call me at 205 471 1088.

  2. Planning on meeting in the very near future here in NE Alabama. Call me at 205 471 1088

  3. Planning on having a meeting in the very near future. Would like to get as many patriots as possible. 

  4. Hello Gen. Jones I am also in the 205 area code. Maybe one day we  can meet up. Walker County. 

    1. Gen. Jones

      Gen. Jones

      Yes we all need to get more active I’m working across 4 platforms people are interested but not very active. I bet once big government gets back in and starts applying pressure with there boot on our necks people will get more active but I’m afraid it may be too late by then let us pray I’m wrong 

    2. Snipes


      There are 4 of us now. Just started looking. We would like to join a larger group. I'm on Walker County Alabama.  # 205-471-1088.

  5. Well having a heck of a time. Lol I was trying to apply but not sure if I did. This hi tech stuff isn't easy for us oldies

  6. I'm in Walker County Alabama and would like to meet others in my area.

  7. 205 471 1088 looking for Alabama members.

  8. Looking for Alabama members

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