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  1. I use to carry a couple of battery storages for charging my gear, but the damned things are heavy and depending on how much gear you have to charge it will only keep you going for a day or two extra. Also used the little solar panels but those take forever and if you've got a lot of things to charge, it ain't gonna happen with just one. If they've got one that charges 80% in 35 minutes, that is definitely a game changer.
  2. LMAO, I still have no idea what you're talking about at this point. I agree with people that I agree with, and disagree when I disagree. You do the same, or else you never would have posted. We ALL agree that the Federal Government is overbearing and far out of the bounds created for it by the Constitution. We all agree that something needs to be done. What I'm picking up from your attitude is that it needs to be your way, without discussion, which, honestly, is fairly reasonable considering that at the moment there is nothing else going on and I'd rather everyone just pick and path and g
  3. Patriots and Libertarians are the most agreeable people on the planet...as long as we are being left the fuck alone
  4. Honestly, I think it's a little closer to 50/50. I say that because a lot of democratic voters only get their information from 1 or 2 mainstream sources, whom we already know put a very biased spin on the news. Even a lot of conservative voters are out of touch with what's really going on.
  5. He's the dude I want representing me when the SHTF. His area of expertise surrounds business law, but he's obviously passionate about Constitutional Law
  6. Yes, but why would the President of China, the top member of the Chinese Communist Party, be working to stop the spread of communism?
  7. Figured Id share some pics from a recent shoot I did. Normally I'd tag the model, but I'm fairly certain she would not appreciate it in these circumstances



    1. GolfFoxtrotSierra_98


      The top picture with the fire is two thumbs up.

      Always liked dragons.

    2. Blackjack


      Thank you, I do a lot of shoots with fire

    3. GolfFoxtrotSierra_98


      You did a great job.  True professional.

  8. https://rumble.com/vcm1mf-law-professor-responds-to-woke-university.html
  9. This should give you some indication of how accurate it is: First quote from the article: "It was all a part of the Alliance’s Plan to free the globe of the Communist Parties /Cabal’s suppression of The People. “The Plan To Save The World” Second quote from the article: "The Alliance was composed of President Trump, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Chinese President Xi Jinping..." See anything wrong with that lineup? No, I'm not even talking about Putin...
  10. Nothing but the truth. Idk if there's a protest planned in my neck of the woods, but I'm gonna take the trip anyways, armed with my camera
  11. This would be why I voted for her.


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