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    The constitution and our rights are being taken away... And the only reason that it is happening is b/c we, the people are literally allowing it. It must stop if we're going to keep our constitutional federal republic... Any Ideas?
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  1. I'm in Athens, Ga. I Really want to join or, If I have to, even start a militia.
  2. Can anyone, please,  tell me of any trustworthy firearm ammunition websites? The place that I go to in my city has not had any 40 cal. for literally months and they told me to buy some online, but to watch out for scam ammunition sites. I don't know of any sites that other people trust. Any suggestions would be greatly appropriated. Thanks in advance.

    1. TEEBONE


      Bulkammo.com and the Ammoman. Com.



      Much appreciated, TEEBONE!

  3. Okay, well it seems like some of us may need to literally organize and provide, pro bono security to each lawyer. Each needs their own private 1-5 person militia as 24/7 privet security until this whole thing is over (and maybe longer). I'm actually serious, What if this keeps happening? You and I know that it will not stop by itself, Maybe if the legal team was protected, they wouldn't drop Trump out of fear from the fucking far left... This is fucked...Food for thought... 



  4. Airborne88, What city are you in? There are MANY cities in 706 area code and I'm trying to find people in or near (preferably within 30 minutes) of Athens, Ga.
  5. ... Living in a college town has me real nervous about what may happen on and after November 3rd... I'm not looking for trouble, and absolutely do not want to encounter it, but if trouble enters my door I just hope it's less than 40 and 6 in total. Hopefully I'm just being overly paranoid, but I don't believe I am, given what has already happened in other places all over our country far before the election... having G.A.D. Really doesn't help things as well, lol.  #ammolow40cal12gauge


    P.S. I'm new here, so hello to anyone reading this... Where are my fellow Georgian's at?

    1. Highlander 401

      Highlander 401

      Most of them are probably distance learning anyway just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you so take whatever precautions you can to stay safe and protect those around you if things heat up.

    2. GolfFoxtrotSierra_98


      I understand the sentiment.  I work at a major University.  I took Tuesday and Wednesday off.  Tuesday to vote and get the vehicle serviced. Wednesday to stay close at home.   The University will go to online only learning after Thanksgiving but until then, the young commies will be running around being led by the old commies who teach them.  Frankly, it is not that bad here but the chance does exist.  The Burn, Loot, Murder (BLM) rallies were attended by 15-20 students and faculty out of close to 49,000.   TRUMP 2020!

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