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    • Shit is hitting the Fan!!
      Here is some demoncratic $hit logic 101 - -
      1) when a pandemic hits, empty the prisons but arrest people out for a walk. 
      2) when needlessly impeaching a President, repeat the mantra "no-one is above the law". But turn a blind eye to violence, vandalism, looting, destruction, rioting and arson and antifa. 
      3) During a pandemic, alcohol and marijuana sales are essential. Spiritual guidance is not. Even when offered to people in their own cars.
      4) Solemnly swear to preserve, protect and defend the constitution but make allowances for federally illegal drugs and sanctuary cities and give hotels to the homeless and give them drugs. Where do I sign up...
      5) Tell everyone of your interest in "social justice" and tolerance but deal with opposing viewpoints with disruption, violence and fascist control [email protected]#king demoncrats.
      6) Be sure to investigate wrong-doings at the highest levels of government, and use illegal, immoral and criminal practices to do so.
      7) When backed into a legal and ethical corner repeat the words "I accept full responsibility" but make sure that you persecute innocent people into poverty in order to affect an unrelated and also innocent party. Thank you Mr. Corrupt Clinton and your evil spouse. I see why you cheated.
      😎Cure the drug problem with free drugs, homelessness with free tents and camp sites in front of taxpaying citizens’ places of business. Solve the immigration and medical care cost and crime problems with porous borders and sanctuary zones.
      9) Tell wealthy Americans that they must pay their fare share but tax the middle class into poverty to pay for social security and free medical services to non citizens.
      Shit has hit the fan.
      Time to take a stand.
      Choose Freedom!!

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