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  1. Yes I can. I am also open to a phone call. Let me know.
  2. I saw "answer these questions " message, but I too can't get to message. should I also go to ISOL site here? Will the questions be there?
  3. jacks1son checking in. Decatur, IL (Macon County) 24th Inf., 24th MI Co. 78 - 81 checking in
  4. Need that on a tee shirt and or bumper sticker. LOVE IT!
  5. Welcome Patriotic_Saint. Consider joining us at URM. Glad to have you here with us. Don't hesitate to message if you ever need anything. Regards, Cpl. Mintun, Fox Company, URM
  6. The people pushing us on the right to respond are wrong I feel. These anti-fools aren't smart enough to get out of their own way. Their movement will never make it past the coasts. If they try to come to middle (normal) Americans with their bs they will be soundly put down.
  7. Here are the ones I was talking about. One not on this site, but has showed signs of reawakening is Mount St. Helens. These are the ones in Alaska:   Bogoslof (United States, Aleutian Islands)   Cleveland (Aleutian Islands, Alaska)   Pavlof (Alaska Peninsula, USA)   Semisopochnoi (United States, Aleutian Islands)
  8. You sure called this right. 3 volcanoes between Alaska and Oregon erupted yesterday. Often earthquakes follow behind eruptions. Let us know if you hear more on this. Scary stuff for sure.
  9. Rep. Gowdy announced his retirement yesterday. A very sad, for us, announcement. He wants more family time, which I can understand, but he is reportedly also going to Fox News. That is a huge waste of his talent. I, sadly, wish him the best. On another, even worse, story the ultimate insider Joe Libermann is at the top of President Trump's shortlist. He is a total "asshat". This will end any support I still had left for President Trump.
  10. A big Howdy to you ImTexan. You might get a new neighbor if my elected officials don't get their heads outta their asses soon.
  11. Thank you for some an informative, comprehensive list. I will take many things from this to help complete my IFAK. Keep the good thoughts coming.

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