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  1. i dont really understand this forum or how to contact people,however please let anyone in 814 backing our great president and the rights our fore fathers granted us.if they are mobilizing and need memebers i would be honored to do my part even if that means death to not have my kids life destroyed by socialism and not let this deep state steal the election from are duelly elected commander and chief.please contact me.Paul Stancliffe,814-205-3949,814-603-4832.my buggout bags are in van gas tank is full i will deploy today if given order and directions.please get this info to anyone in western pa.thank u

    1. Tim_M


      Neither do I . I dont understand it either. But Im here and am ready to do my part in whatever we need to do to save this country from those who are trying to steal america. They have alot of people fooled. Those people are going to regret there actions when the truth really comes out. 

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