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  1. Have you heard about this and can we do it here?https://forwardobserver.com/product/online-training/?mc_cid=eb707394ba&mc_eid=6b23ee7e41
  2. Can't give it away, where is that in the Constitution? Funny how people say defend the second and then quote the ATF.
  3. Until I can retrieve my things from Colorado and sell off some things, will have to depend on wrist rocket and bow and arrows. Mostly on God.
  4. Still here. No longer have gun. But still here nonetheless.
  5. Appears in a state where there are so many guns, there are no members.
  6. Well my funds are sorely limited. Fixing car this month.
  7. As much as I would like to own a gun, I have no desire to be on a list. So I am looking instead for a good crossbow. Sadly they know who has them and where we are. I stand on my Right to be armed, but they have created the enviroment they want so everyone is paranoid and fear mental health issues. Which they decide what those are. Plus even the low cost ones are out of budget.
  8. Cool. Who is this?
  9. I am in Livingston. Recently acquired a 44 rem mag and will be getting the scope fixed. It is a single shot but all I can afford at this time. I am good at organization and research. I served on the local Fire Department back in the early 90's. I am a trained paralegal and PI and have extensive training dealing with victims of crimes listed under the Victim Rights Act.