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  1. start a channel on telegram billions are migrating there including heads of state around the world.
  2. telegram @welovetrump giving constant updates. I also have a channel t.me/intouchnow to help keep us connected. Many are moving over to clouthub and mewe.
  3. I am in Livingston and want to know who else is here and connect with other groups.
  4. We the People: text me at 406-672-2693; [email protected] and [email protected]; text Rights to 80123 where I am a State Assistant; Parler @ Lisa Hjelmstad; Signal, Discord and Wix for USFP
  5. We need each other now and we are not there. We only respond when tragedy strikes. We give our hard earned dollar to feckless billionaire politicians but never each other. Maybe we could avert war if we held each other up now.
  6. In need of support from my fellow Americans........https://gf.me/u/ym2jcf

  7. I am doing a fundraiser to help build my small business. I do not qualify for any grants so I am taking it to my fellow Americans. Even 1 dollar helps and share on all your other social sites. Thank you, we all need each other now more then ever. https://gf.me/u/ym2jcf
  8. https://www.gofundme.com/f/83aw2z-help-me-help-my-community
  9. Even the money sent direct to people is just a loan against future taxes. The whole thing is a sham. Tanking the economy is so they can implement digital currency, which they will control, forced vaccines, 5g. Basically we are being played from the old guard and the new to bring in the NWO.
  10. The stimulus bill is a trap. No grants, no direct funds just loans. And small business and self employed hit the hardest. So I suggest we support each other with fund raisers. My business "Go-Fer It" is a general delivery service for the whole county and I am looking to raise 15-20K to survive. Maybe someone here can help build and spread successful campaigns and help avoid the C-19 trap.
  11. Are we awake? Every day people complain about big government and corporations. We say people do not want the truth. We demand more taxes for the rich less for the poor, yet demonize the homeless. So what truth? Christians claim they follow Jesus, yet deny His words and insert old testament. When someone asks for help we direct them to the big government or corporation we just said we hated. We even send people to a gofundme, page so they can ask for the same help through a third party because we trust a corporation over a person. However, if that person was on a st
  12. I am personally tired of people lumping everyone under the same labels. ALL MEN, ALL WOMEN, etc. We are ALL humans and we all have the same capacity and skills and abilities. We just utilize them differently based on our individuality. The same God made us all. If some one wants to do it and proves they can, who are you to deny them? Humans want to dictate to other humans, instead of letting each become who God leads them to be.
  13. Jesus went to the home of Martha and Mary. Martha was cooking, cleaning, serving, being a "Proper woman" Mary was sitting and Jesus feet and listening and learning. Martha complained, and Jesus said Mary made the better choice. yes we are capable of making babies, but it does not mean we have to.

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