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  1. Even the money sent direct to people is just a loan against future taxes. The whole thing is a sham. Tanking the economy is so they can implement digital currency, which they will control, forced vaccines, 5g. Basically we are being played from the old guard and the new to bring in the NWO.
  2. The stimulus bill is a trap. No grants, no direct funds just loans. And small business and self employed hit the hardest. So I suggest we support each other with fund raisers. My business "Go-Fer It" is a general delivery service for the whole county and I am looking to raise 15-20K to survive. Maybe someone here can help build and spread successful campaigns and help avoid the C-19 trap.
  3. Are we awake? Every day people complain about big government and corporations. We say people do not want the truth. We demand more taxes for the rich less for the poor, yet demonize the homeless. So what truth? Christians claim they follow Jesus, yet deny His words and insert old testament. When someone asks for help we direct them to the big government or corporation we just said we hated. We even send people to a gofundme, page so they can ask for the same help through a third party because we trust a corporation over a person. However, if that person was on a street corner with a cup we might put money in it Matthew 5:42. Jesus also said ask and ye shall receive. So besides myself, I personally know four people or families in need of various things. I give to them. So do we truly trust corporations and government after all? What is the truth? Or are we so conditioned that we can not follow Jesus and we can not give to each other because we believe in the lie? I went on gofundme, and despite sharing it, got zero response. I asked for some to send to venmo account, still nothing. Yet I was told get a job, well I have a job and run a small business. Was directed to government programs and non profits, neither give a dime. I shared with supposed christians and patriots and zip, zilch. I barely clear 600 a month, yet I tithe and give to others. But am told by those I ask, sorry funds are tight. The fact is we prefer the lie, we prefer the boot on our neck, we prefer to help keep each other down. And few if any actually follow Jesus. So until we throw off the yolk and go against the grain, we are not yet truly awake. So the experiment, share this and send 1 dollar and help me lift 4. Venmo Susan Dion Sheldon
  4. I am personally tired of people lumping everyone under the same labels. ALL MEN, ALL WOMEN, etc. We are ALL humans and we all have the same capacity and skills and abilities. We just utilize them differently based on our individuality. The same God made us all. If some one wants to do it and proves they can, who are you to deny them? Humans want to dictate to other humans, instead of letting each become who God leads them to be.
  5. Jesus went to the home of Martha and Mary. Martha was cooking, cleaning, serving, being a "Proper woman" Mary was sitting and Jesus feet and listening and learning. Martha complained, and Jesus said Mary made the better choice. yes we are capable of making babies, but it does not mean we have to.
  6. I tried the email and it would not send. I a interested though.
  7. Education Morse Elementary School Troy, Michigan k-4 Kenwood Elementary School Clawson, Michigan 5-6 Clawson Jr. and Sr. High School Clawson, Michigan CNA in California Professional Career Development, Georgia, Paralegal and Private Investigator Ministry of Truth International, Minister and Spiritual Counseling Academy of Husband Coached Childbirth, Child Birth Educator and Nutritionist Victim’s Rights - Education on-going Dress Making and Design Work history Arco gas station Manager (Detroit, Michigan) CNA (Gunnison, Colorado) (Thousand Oaks, California) Rose of Sharon Home and Janitorial Service (California) (Own Business) Receptionist at IBM (Colorado) · Childbirth Educator and Nutritionist (Colorado, Montana, New Hampshire) · Secretary, Researcher (Colorado, New Hampshire) · Paralegal, Private Investigator, Researcher, (Colorado) · Spiritual Counseling, Marriages, Prosperity Teaching, (Montana, Colorado) · Referral Rep for Life Force International Jobs with bullet were self employed Total Fitness Childcare TAXI Food Delivery Service Volunteer work Soup Kitchen helper, Colorado, California, Montana, New Hampshire Past President and Past Chaplain of American Legion Auxiliary, Paonia, Colorado KVNF and KRZA Community Radio Paonia and Alamosa ,Colorado , DJ Saguache County Sheriff’s Victim Response Team, Saguache , Colorado ( See attached paper for training associated with this.) President of I Am Free Foundation - working with rehabilitation of Prisoners and at-risk-youth Fire Fighter - Park County Rural 1 - Livingston, Montana Meals on Wheels Loaves and Fishes Skills Puzzle Solver and Inventor Attention to detail, Get the job done in the highest and best way possible. Computer : Windows, Excel, Access, Powerpoint, Photoshop, Quickbooks, Frontpage, All skills attached to former work and training listed. Leadership with wisdom and patience. Multitasking a highly evolved skill from 25 years of motherhood of eight humans. Integrity and trust, common sense - rare skills in today’s world. A great sense of humor. Honest, to the point Trainings At the Academy: Victims Rights Amendment Domestic Violence Victims Compensation Self Defense OC spray Sexual Assault Vicarious Trauma Death Notifications Report Writing and Forms Victim Advocacy 101 At COVA: Legal Privilege For Victim Advocates Working with Deaf/hard of hearing victims Traffic Victims Bodily Injury Aftermath and prevention of Suicide Dealing with Brain Injury Victims Through VRT in house trainings: Youth Subcultures Unresolved Homicides DV Treatment Teens and Dating violence Link between Animal Cruelty and DV Prosecution of sex crimes in rural Colorado Reality of Strangulation Advocate Safety Covering Rape Criminal Justice Sexual Behavior in Children Shaken Baby Syndrome Trainings sponsored by various Departments in local Area: Elder Abuse Investigative training Sexual Assault and SANE Permanent protection Orders Stalking Victims Rights Amendment Touch and Traumatized Children Trainings in context of Private Investigator and Paralegal Crime Scene Investigation Evidence gathering Report writing Interviewing History of Law Enforcement and Creation of Private Investigators Court room procedure Presenting as a Professional Witness Paralegals and the Legal Profession Paralegals and the Legal System Criminal law, Constitutional Law, Contract Law, Tort Law How to study Law Intro to the Legal System Litigation Assistantship Legal Analysis Legal Interviewing Investigation in a Law Office Computer Literacy Law Office Management Informal and Formal Advocacy The regulations of a Paralegal Attorney and Paralegal ethics Legal Research and Legal Writing
  8. I am here in Montana. I do not own a gun, not in the budget. So how can I be used? I can post my resume if need be.
  9. Well all that being said, we are at war and the rules of engagement are very different. Silent weapons are being used against us. Language has been weaponized. Technology used to spy on our every move, medicine used to kill us, 5G is a weapon and a mind control element. We are at war, but because it is quiet and no one shooting at us, like frogs in water, we wait. Your physical strength is no longer the issue. But keep waiting as you are certainly not defending those losing their rights unconstitutionally.
  10. Dali Lama said the world will be saved by the western woman, why? Because we have the most to lose. We are already at war, but the weapons are silent and the rules of engagement very different. The only man to walk the earth was Jesus Christ and he alone saw us as equals. You can do basic training better because of upper body strength, but we have better endurance and pain management skills. In the end both are equal sides of a coin. We need to get past males/female/ black/white, gay/straight and be humans that will do what is needed to defend the freedom here at home that is already under attack. Sadly we are not helping each other now or defending those losing their guns now. So not sure how caring if women are in combat matters.
  11. In that picture above, if she is trained in defense combat and or martial arts, strength is not the issue. Anyone can be trained for any eventuality. Not all men should be in combat either. Again, the right person for the job. I am not my body, I am what uses it. I was a firefighter, I carried my own pack, no one questioned my ability simply because I was female. I trained and worked hard.
  12. As a death survivor all I can say is forward is the only true direction.
  13. As in any job , prove you can do it. I did find your statement interesting that if a female is captured you will do all to free them, would you not do the same for any soldier? In combat during a woman's monthly cycle, hier strength is reduced. We need to put men and women in positions of their strengths and talents to truly achieve best results.
  14. I am a troll my gran was a yupper, but have been in Montana. Heading back this evening to Kalamazoo to say good bye to my sister, an Air Force Vet. The family is gathering and we are a family of Vets, those that are willing to run into danger, not from it. Hope you are keeping my home state safe.

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