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  1. Well all that being said, we are at war and the rules of engagement are very different. Silent weapons are being used against us. Language has been weaponized. Technology used to spy on our every move, medicine used to kill us, 5G is a weapon and a mind control element. We are at war, but because it is quiet and no one shooting at us, like frogs in water, we wait. Your physical strength is no longer the issue. But keep waiting as you are certainly not defending those losing their rights unconstitutionally.
  2. Dali Lama said the world will be saved by the western woman, why? Because we have the most to lose. We are already at war, but the weapons are silent and the rules of engagement very different. The only man to walk the earth was Jesus Christ and he alone saw us as equals. You can do basic training better because of upper body strength, but we have better endurance and pain management skills. In the end both are equal sides of a coin. We need to get past males/female/ black/white, gay/straight and be humans that will do what is needed to defend the freedom here at home that is already under attack. Sadly we are not helping each other now or defending those losing their guns now. So not sure how caring if women are in combat matters.
  3. In that picture above, if she is trained in defense combat and or martial arts, strength is not the issue. Anyone can be trained for any eventuality. Not all men should be in combat either. Again, the right person for the job. I am not my body, I am what uses it. I was a firefighter, I carried my own pack, no one questioned my ability simply because I was female. I trained and worked hard.
  4. As a death survivor all I can say is forward is the only true direction.
  5. As in any job , prove you can do it. I did find your statement interesting that if a female is captured you will do all to free them, would you not do the same for any soldier? In combat during a woman's monthly cycle, hier strength is reduced. We need to put men and women in positions of their strengths and talents to truly achieve best results.
  6. I am a troll my gran was a yupper, but have been in Montana. Heading back this evening to Kalamazoo to say good bye to my sister, an Air Force Vet. The family is gathering and we are a family of Vets, those that are willing to run into danger, not from it. Hope you are keeping my home state safe.
  7. Got my knife today. Nice little compact weapon. So now my daughter will have something. Thank you.
  8. Would love to have you. Great if we can get a meet up going.
  9. I lost my dad in March. My family has served in all branches of the Military. Mom was a Marine dad was a Coastie, two brother and a my son were Navy. Brother was Army during Nam, my sister was Air Force and my grand father was Army Air Corp. I recently acquired a hat with a Marine symbol and I am looking for pins from the other branches to add to my hat so I can wear it in honor of my family's service to freedom. So wondering if any have them to share.
  10. This will be happening at 12 noon in Helena at the Perkins Restaurant.
  11. MAY 4 SAT Montana Constitution Party Annual Meeting 12 PM · Perkins Family Restaurant Helena Montana
My Militia site is designed to facilitate an ever growing network of american patriots, those of us engaged in activities contrary to prevailing opinion understand the risks that come with conversing on popular social media platforms. We oversee a significant share of public thought relating to militias to thousands of individuals everyday, This is a lot of responsibility... to remain the most trusted platform where militia ideas and information are exchanged, We proudly proclaim as the de facto authority in everything relating to militias, arbitrating a worldwide exchange of information as well as overseeing the security of the individuals and units who entrust their ideas, work, and private data to our platform. That this mandates a certain responsibility and assurance of good faith, transparency, and due process. As a voluntary user of and contributor to My Militia, such responsibilities will never be betrayed or reneged upon to the detriment of yourself or our community. Common decency demands that we remain vigilant as a trusted force among our people, and for these reasons we will never stand alone and hereby decree that for as long as we stand, so will our site, and if we shall fall, the last of us will purge it from existence.
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