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  1. Standing ready

    1. FreedomRing


      Hi, I hear you are leading the group inTopeka. I have been assigned to the 091st, eastern part of the state, but not much happening here. There is a woman in Olathe and some folks in Ottawa. Can we join your group to get started and maybe meet sometimes in Lawrence? I think you have some folks from there in your group. Let me know what’s up. 

    2. FreedomRing


      This is the message I sent you yesterday around 5:30. It might be in your personal message. I found it under your activity. It must be the one you responded to. 

    3. RIA1911


      Just now found this. This is my first time seeing it. I dont follow this website too closely. If you use the @ prior to entering my name I will get a notification that you msgd me. 

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