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  1. Copy, I love seeing this, just hoping it's true!
  2. The more the merrier! We need more like minded individuals
  3. They had obtained a valid permit prior to their protest and were legally allowed to be there, per a Capital Police security officer in the Insurances offices at our state house.
  4. @papaC62 and @FreedomRing were using telegram. It's an app similar to what you just explained @Ideological Gambler can get you set up on there. Each unit has their own chat as well as the state chat, ems and ops
  5. Where was this question to join our unit? I haven't passed you off on anyone, simply made a suggestion...
  6. WTF dude. I'm trying to network with more people. Anyone is welcome to meet with us! I didnt say he's interested, just said he has his own militia , whether its private, III%ers, gadsden or whatever, I'm trying to get him in with us.
  7. I know its last minute but were meeting at ihop in lawrence at noon today
  8. Are you with a unit yet? Idealogical Gambler can get you set up.
  9. Standing ready

    1. FreedomRing


      Hi, I hear you are leading the group inTopeka. I have been assigned to the 091st, eastern part of the state, but not much happening here. There is a woman in Olathe andΒ some folks in Ottawa. Can we join your group to get started and maybe meet sometimes in Lawrence? I think you have some folks from there in your group. Let me know what’s up.Β 

    2. FreedomRing


      This is the message I sent you yesterday around 5:30. It might be in your personal message. I found it under your activity. It must be the one you responded to.Β 

    3. RIA1911


      Just now found this. This is my first time seeing it. I dont follow this website too closely. If you use the @ prior to entering my name I will get a notification that you msgd me.Β 

  10. I think the closest unit to you is Hutch currently, then Topeka. KC is struggling to get started. Wichita, Hutch, JC, Manhattan and Topeka are established so far.
  11. What area are you? @idealogical gambler can help you get situated.
  12. The dumbshit will end up getting himself offed before even having half a chance at attempting to take office lmao
  13. Of course, but I was curious if hes gonna publicly announce it before even "taking office"
  14. Dry fire drills is what I'll be working on, speed reloads etc. Practice room clearing your own house as well
  15. Defense midwest has all kinds of classes, vehicle jujitsu, shooting around vehicles, room clearing etc. I've been looking into them but there are not any classes available right now
  16. No idea, a buddy posted this on fb. I haven't been there
  17. Defense midwest has a facebook page. They are out of Wamego

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