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  1. Thank you for sharing this video! I live in Minnesota and didn't know anything about the order commie tim waltz put in. Moving to South Dakota Really soon! Stay safe it's about to get ugly. Jesus Christ and President Trump 2020!
  2. Gross! I will always eat meat NEVER HUMANS! Your Sick if you eat dead humans!
  3. Do you know where I can found out what state governors sign it? Please and thank you!
  4. hopefully YouTube won't get rid of conservatives if they do I thank Jesus Christ that I have blaze tv to watch!
  5. I read the story about it happening it's really truly sad and sickening that a guy who looks more like a little girl should not have even done that! My heart goes out to both their families.
  6. I'm a 29 year old female who loves and fears the Lord and loves this Country! Protect the unborn, freedom and our Guns!

     May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you and your family today and always! 

    1. GolfFoxtrotSierra_98


      Welcome aboard Sister in our Lord Jesus Christ.

      Good to have you here.  Be safe.  God Bless.

    2. Katherine M

      Katherine M

      Thank you so much! 😃

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