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  1. Ok, your idiocracy just cost this forum around 11,000 militia members, I'm gone. Bye-bye.
  2. Not trolling, not condescending. But, when I asked where everyone was, some smartass posted a map of the US. Me condescending? Hmmm? Yes, your forum is EXTREMELY complicated to navigate. I'm the asssistant squad leader of the scout platoon in my AO, so no, I'm not trolling, I'm scouting. I don't have time for child like bs. Either this is the place to find patriots, or it ain't.
  3. Sounds more complicated than I'm interested in. And the google map was funny but assholistic. I'm trying to figure this forum out, but, I ain't wasting time on bs. I'm looking to connect our group with other groups, but, can't seem to find an active area on this forum.
  4. This forum is a pain to navigate, where's the people?
  5. Well hello everyone. Thought this was a West Kentucky thing but I see folks here from out in occupied America. So, I'm here because the www.threepercenter.org forum is no more. Some of us are trying to build a new forum, but, it could take a couple weeks to be online. So, I'm in Graves county, Kentucky, any of my neighbors here?

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