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  1. The Kansas units are now meeting up on Signal. Get the app and contact Gambler and he will hook you up. Opps! Sorry. I meant Telegram.
  2. The Kansas units are now meeting up on Signal. Get the app and contact Gambler and he will hook you up.
  3. Kansas capital was peaceful. Just walked right in. It was on national news as if it was a big deal. Nothing happened.
  4. I have Telegram set up. How do I find our groups?
  5. PapaC62 - I have been using Signal and I like it. You can set up rooms for different local groups and the state group and members can easily check to see what other groups are doing. I don’t know how to set it up or monitor it but it is about as secure as we can hope for. Maybe we have a member familiar with websites that could set that up.
  6. Unfortunately, I had to cancel my plans for DC.
  7. @KCStorm I think is a her and I have been in touch. I believe our thread is under 091st. We had already discussed the Topeka group and inquiring about meeting in Lawrence. That’s why I sent the request @RIA 1911.
  8. I believe the message is in your personal messages. It’s under your activity now. Itmust be the one you replied to.
  9. So how am I supposed to contact him? I checked his Facebook page and didn’t find any leads. My question to you was about joining your group but you passed me off to someone who is not in the group. There is little interest here in the 091st. I don’t know people in the area that I can recruit and I have yet to meet with this group to learn about what you do and your training. i know you can’t tell from my profile pic, but FYI, you can call me Moore or call me ma’am but I’m not a dude.
  10. RIA 1911- you are meeting in Lawrence today, 25 min after your post. Funny that you did not mention that in your reply to me last night. I guess you don’t want me in your unit. You claim there is a guy in Tongie who is interested but neither he nor his supposed 116 followers have joined the Militia site. Sure.
  11. Hi, I’m in Bonner Springs too.  Are you new here?

  12. Leavenworth County standing by, but may be going to DC this week. Anyone else going from this group?
    1. Travlr_45


      Its social media, not sure how much faith to put into it.  None the less, im ready as i can get to defend my home, my country, my constitution! 

  13. I’m in SW Leavenworth County. Not to far from you.

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