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  1.  I am in Plano let’s make contact if this thing goes off the rails we will know what to do 

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    2. Bullpup


      Im suprised there isn't any "817" groups. Rather disappointing. Doesnt seem like the other North Texas area code groups are active. Looks like its up to you and I.

    3. JWGuitar


       I know I don’t understand I’m in 972 area code not far from 214 either  we’re all DFW  counties and 817 I thought that was Arlington  


       There’s many others we’re just not on the right  group but I did get an inbox from a guy a referral I have to apply let me ask him if I can referral another person there nationwide and 50 states 

    4. Bullpup


      817 covers a large area. Fort Worth, Arlington, burleson, crowley etc. I started a militia group here DFW Patriots. My hope is we can combine all these area codes and get a little more organized.

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