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  1. Militia is a generic term. It is citizens fighting in a military style and tactics. It is NOT people prepping and hiding. It is people PHYSICALLY fighting for their beliefs against a common enemy. The word Militia has been by people all around the world and it always comes so to citizens fighting a common enemy. The word itself has nothing to do with political leanings. (I am sure someone will now look up a dictionary and dispute common knowledge) In South America you may see militia fighters for and against a government all the time. Same can also be seen at times in Easter
  2. On FB there is a group that is working county by county to get them set up. Look up your County 2A sanctuary
  3. https://m.facebook.com/IndianaPatriotAllianceNetwork/?ref=bookmarks Only one or two Indiana groups are on My Militia.
  4. There are several active groups. Not all are on here.
  5. Try contacting the State Leadership of the Indian Citizens Volunteer Miltia at WWW.ICVM.US
  6. Being a state militia has nothing to do with names nor rank. Leaving your state to take up arms negates your status. Maybe I mis read your intentions.
  7. Well I would like this post but then they may target me.... lmao! Just kidding. It is true, if you look suspicious in a traffic stop, they will cause you to say or do something so they can say they had a right to search your vehicle. The FBI don’t do stops, but I imagine they have select people in law enforcement working with them. It isn’t a secret that they use verbal tactics to trick you into giving up a little bit of rights. Even if all they want to do is get you off the street for the night.
  8. That would take away the right to claim state militia status. How many Indiana militias are on this website? Only a very few. Most don’t use it.

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