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  1. Go to ICVM.US click the forums tab. Join the forums and the leadership from that area can answer your questions.
  2. http://mytopo.com/ is where I have gotten some. For training I sometimes make my own to purpose out of poster board. It lets me put what I need where I need it to be. I can make the squares bigger and terrain features exactly how I need them to aid in visuals. I have also made large grid square protractors out of plexiglass to fit my hand made maps. Sometimes getting people that have never done map reading to understand on a map full of terrain and made made stuff can be difficult. This all lets me control what they actually see and do. Once they get it we move on to real maps.
  3. The 5th Brigade is hosting a basic map reading class this month. Hoping to put those skills to use in a land navigation/orienteering class next month.
  4. Still training monthly. Still growing every week. Still preparing daily.
  5. Here. Doesn’t seem to be a lot of networking on this page.
  6. Still going since the 90’s Indiana Citizens Volunteer Militia
  7. Been saying this for years. If people are afraid to be labeled during times of peace, what will they do when the enemy is kicking in doors, jailing full families for the actions of one, making people disappear in the middle of the night? What? The Founding Fathers ideas and the Constitutional ideas aren’t good enough for them?? Stand up and be counted as a defender of freedom now so the enemy of our way of life, our freedoms, won’t dare cross the line in the sand.
  8. Sounds good till you think of all the liabilities. Of course you can always start neighborhood watche programs and such and stay in an area of need.
  9. Have a Merry Christmas Patriots! If you don’t believe, I hope your Days are full of peace and joy!
  10. It gets so old seeing that “we aren’t a militia “ crap. To many FB and 3% warriors out there claiming this stuff. When asked how are they different they can’t explain reasonably. A few idiots come up with some bogus claims that all militias are racist or conspiracy nuts. But the beir pages are full of hate and conspiracies. When you explain what a militia is and push for answers publicly the leaders address you personally via a private message. They always agree that they are a militia but can’t use the word because people are afraid of the word. Then they ask you to stop ruining their recruitment strategies lol. They think people that won’t join a militia have the balls to fight a foe of freedom.
  11. The longest running Militia in the State Of Indiana is still going and training. ICVM.US

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