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  1. Power lifter1 we are right in your neighborhood. Lake, Cook, McHenry
  2. Good Day Patriots!  With the latest understanding of the new militias by Area Code.  It is only to help newcomers, and  militia shoppers looking for militias in their local area.  And I do believe that this is a good idea.  But I can see how for some including myself it appeared the purpose was a bit foggy at first to see.  But I like the idea.  Team Leaders should get themselves in on this so we can be the first to attract the local Patriots.  I do think that this can be a very useful tool.  So Team Leaders, let us get ahead of this and utilize it.  -Thanks!

  3. Sheepdog and ILSL checking in. God Bless America!
  4. Please take note of the locations of the April FTX.  The changes will come swift and often.

  5. Honored to have served in the US Army with some of best American Patriots!  I salute you all!  This we'll defend.

  6. Looking for a few Good Patriots who have what it takes to stand with us.  We welcome you.  But be prepared to  as though your life depends on it.  Because it will.  

    1. Michael Doc Myers

      Michael Doc Myers

      Copy that I'm not as prepared as I want to be but am working on it but no matter what I'm here and  ready

    2. ILSL Sheepdog

      ILSL Sheepdog

      You never are doc. You never are.

  7. Hey KCS! Welcome to my militia.com. I am Sheepdog leader of the ILSL. Nobody wants to bring harm to their fellow man. With that being said, the great push by those who would have no problem to hurt you or your family to control is not out of the question anymore. I would believe in my studies of history. That it is a matter of when not if. Please go to ILSL.org and sign up to join us. Thank you Patriot. We act because we love, not because we hate.
  8. Looking for a few Good Patriots who have what it takes to stand with us.  Please join we welcome you.  But be prepared to  as though your life depends on it.  Because it will.   

  9. Wanted Patriots!  Need people who believe in something greater than there own hide.  Must be willing to work.  It is all in the mind.  We are the insurance to the phrase "We have a Republic if you can keep it".  Well Patriots it is time to put up or shut up.  What will you do when the Wolf growls at the door!

  10. ILSL and Sheepdog are Checking In. God Bless America!
  11. I am happy that this was quickly resolved. I appreciate the speed in which it was done. Thank you Fixer
  12. Sheepdog, Leader of the ILSL looking for Patriots to join us. We have overcome some big hurdles and now growing in healthy assets ,unit size, and with combat trained leadership. We are also in need of Medically trained personal, tradesman, and Security elements. If you are looking for a unit that has a solid family, and over 5 years of cohesive core. We are looking to train and be trained. If your interested please respond. What will you do when the Wolf growls at the door? Sheepdog checking in.
  13. Welcome Back Patriot!  

    1. Travelin Man

      Travelin Man

      Thanks!  It's good to be back!!!

  14. What will you be doing when the wolf growls at the door???

    1. Goat


      Break him

    2. Goat


      Then slap him in some bbq sauce

    3. ILSL Sheepdog

      ILSL Sheepdog

      Then have a Beer and sing songs about it.

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