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  1. Colonel,


    I know that I haven't been active, at all, in our militia, but one of the problems with older members ... especially if they are married ... is spouses, and their health problems.  My wife is close to having surgery, and I'm sure that I'll be able to get away, some time after that.


    In the meantime, I've been almost continually preparing.  I've got 500 rounds of ammo on order (it's on backorder, unfortunately), and I'm going to get enough magazines for the rifle to bring it up to what I consider a full loadout (which would be 110 rounds).  I sincerely hope to get together with the militia, and start training with my opposite number on internal security.  By the way, nothing wrong with my health ... my doctor believes I could live to be a centenarian.


    Hope to meet you soon.


    SSG SE Miller  (Headhunter)

    1. ILSL Sheepdog

      ILSL Sheepdog

      Yes sir I understand.  Please know that we need you to make contact with us and so on.  November is when I fully expect crap to hit the fan.  And we have not met yet.  Find a way Sgt.


    2. Headhunter


      I agree completely with what you've said about November.  I will find a way, Col.

  2. Colonel, I just wanted to inform you that I will be out of contact until Monday afternoon or early evening.  We're moving within this apartment complex to a first floor apartment.



    SSG Headhunter

    1. Headhunter


      Colonel Sheepdog, Sir!!


      I am moved, back on line, and I think that I carried about 1.5 tons of boxes, over the weekend.  Seventy-one years old and still truckin'!  Phone number is the same ... (815) 324-9018.  New address:  1438 Dakota Drive, Apt 1C.



      SSG Headhunter


      PS  I am a little tired!

    2. fountainpen


      Are you attempting to contact me? why?  what for? the members in fixers kansas/nebraska areas made clear that no new members were welcome.

  3. With the scaling down of the Wuhan “Red” Flu (Round One),  ILSL can has out of the shadows and now is working in record numbers and continuous training and work parties.  Some of the exciting projects under way is the enormous pressure to expand our organization.   We are happy to work all the new members as we firmly entrench the reorganized Security Internal and External SOP’s.  The Commo/Intel team has spent many man hours with the latest upgrade on the Long Distance radio equipment, and addition of the Medical Section, HQ, and Food Service Sections are coming quickly together as well.  We are now establishing a Legal and Public Relations Professionals to take on the issues that have recently have confronted us as well.  Action will be soon, swift, and Positive.  Thank you Patriots for all your hard work, dedicated service, and I look forward to working with you in the future.  

    1. Headhunter


      Headhunter, checking in.


      Colonel,  I want you to know that I'm taking care of such lingering medical issues, and by the middle of July, I should be ready to do my part.  I've also completed the purchase of remaining basic equipment.  I still have some ammunition that I need to buy, but I'll do that quickly.


      One other "non-issue", that you may like.  I have a lawsuit ongoing against a doctor who literally came "within inches" of killing me, purely by his negligence.  If I recover even a third of the damages I'm going after, I will have more than enough money to take care of me for the rest of my life, and my family, after that.  By the way, if this goes my way, I'm going to purchase a Barrett Model M82a1.  As you are aware, this weapon is in .50-caliber, and some of the ammunition that one can purchase for it ... purely legal, by the way ... has a limited armor penetration value.  I am also certain that I could make 2-mile shots, with it (anything longer, and that heavy 667-gr bullet starts dropping fast).  Keep your fingers crossed!


      Glad to hear the good news about how you're putting things together.


      One quick question ...


      Although I may be rich, someday, I'm not, at the present time.  My BDU's consist of Propper-brand products.  I've got two sets in woodland camo, and one in digital woodland.  At the present time, I would be unable to buy anymore, although a successful lawsuit would help.  A lot! 


      I'm looking forward to getting together with everyone, and seeing what you've put together up there close to Wisconsin.



      SSG Headhunter

    2. ILSL Sheepdog

      ILSL Sheepdog

      You can use what you have currently.  We use Multi-Cam OCP or Scorpion that looks very similiar.  Keep the faith SSG Headhunter!  We hope that you are promptly awarded what you deserve.  

    3. Headhunter


      Many thanks!

  4. ROFL LMAO! I wish them luck.
  5. Sheepdog, sir,


    I wanted to notify you that my rifle is completely built, as of today.  The mount was a problem, but its taken care, now.  The scope was everything I hoped it would be.


    All I need to do is take it to the range and zero the scope.  The entire assembly is quite heavy, and since I'm using a lighter bullet, I don't believe that recoil will be a problem, at all.  To make sure that everything's kosher, I'm going to take it to a gunsmith have him look at the entire assembly.  I've got a hard-shell rifle case, on order for safe and legal transportation.


    Have a good one, Colonel.  Hand salute, "UP".


    SSG Headhunter

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    2. ILSL Sheepdog

      ILSL Sheepdog

      Good we will be looking forward to seeing you and getting you involved internal Security with us.  Please contact me when you get a chance for details.  We are ramping up Security operations.

    3. Headhunter


      Will do...

    4. ILSL Sheepdog

      ILSL Sheepdog

      A lot of the training that we are doing is one day due to the current Geo-political situation.  Usually Saturday from 0900-1500 hrs.  


      Contact me by phone for more of an explanation.  June 13th and the 20th so far is next dates.  

  6. Welcome to ILSL.  Please sign up at What's App so we can add you to ILSL.  

  7. What you do now will determine if you survive when you face the test in the future......

  8. These are some of the best videos on the subjects nobody but me wants to even think about. How do I share this with my team? Can someone assist? Thank you
  9. About time! I have from the beginning suspected that this is a Biological Weapon. Need to push quickly on this before the Democrats use it as their opportunity to “Make America Communist”!!
  10. Ready to commit to a unit in your area?  If so then look at the IL Sons of Liberty.  We are expanding our intelligence section and could use some help.  

  11. Hey Sgt Hunter, I think I recognized you. ILSL has tried to contact you. We are have a tough time getting through to anybody who has a gmail account. We are very active. with over 25 members in the Chicagoland area and train in McHenry County. I will contact you through my Militia to get a hold of you that way.
  12. Good Weekend in Nothern IL for some training!   

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