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  1. Just in case some of you don't know... There ARE Feds on this Forum. I am Pretty Sure I've spotted at least 3 and I know one by his real name as he outed himself locally by trying to file an ethics complaint against me sooooo Just Saying Kids... Not Secure AT ALL!
  2. Good we should be able to have lunch sometime then.
  3. Anyone ever hear of the Forge Militia Wisconsin Regiment? 8-)
  4. That goes without saying my friend. There's a LOT of Maybe's after DC.... 8-)
  5. If you ever get to Green Bay with some extra time on your hands maybe we could have a sit down at The Rite Place here in Green Bay.
  6. Thank's Andy. If you're ever in the Green Bay Area give me a heads up and maybe we can do lunch or something.
  7. No Shit! I never heard this. If you got any details you can share would you call the Regular Joe Show and Share them with Host Joe Giganti? https://wtaq.com/shows-regular-joe-show/
  8. Check out the Gun Safety Video IQ8888 Put Together! https://brrnew.cutwi.com/Minutemen.html

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