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  1. Demonstrations? Not sure about that... nobody needs to know who I am or what I happen to have regarding firearms.. That aside how do you feel about working with Law Enforcement? In Particular the Sheriff's department? AKA the most powerful position in the State!
  2. I've got a plan but I sure as hell won't be posting it on any social media sites....8-) IT'S A FREAKING JOKE....DAMN IT!
  3. I've been leary of the patriot label lately that's stood for a lot of talk and no action. Especially the TEA PARTY Type! I'm soooo disappointed in those groups....
  4. Got a Cabin in Waupaca I love to work out of.
  5. Not sure what you mean by 100 diff rules of engagement. You talking Army here or Social Media?
  6. Just me so far and I'm only a DP! That's Director of Photography!
  7. J Morris


  8. J Morris



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