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    The South Eastern Militia Command was created with the intent to bridge together Liberty focused Patriots, and Individuals into a Network of connected resources. In coming times it is clear greater communication and mutual participation is required to successfully grow our movement.The South Eastern United States is truly fortunate to have a unique culture, and environment that naturally promotes the values held deep in the Patriot Militia. It's time to Reignite the Familial bonds we once held. All Militia's/Groups and Individual's in the States of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Louisiana,and Tennessee that are willing to participate are welcome. Our goal is to use our collective skills, and assets to create a body that is larger than the sum of its parts. The structure system is setup to allow Units/Groups to retain their current structures and individuality. Militia's should be reflective of the Regions, and Communities they protect. No dues are expected from any members. In the case of events or cross training it will be the Militia's involved responsibility to work out cost's/funding.

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    https://gsmpao.weebly.com/ We are a Georgia State Militia group operating under the authority of the Governor of Georgia. We have been instructed by the Governor to contact and report to the Director of GEMA as necessary. We are an above-board group. We are one of six militias of which we are aware in Georgia, but are the only one of which we know that has submitted to the GA Code and the authority of the Governor's office, making us a true militia.The State of Georgia calls all militias such as ours as "unorganized" militias. That does not mean that we do not have an organized group, but that the State of Georgia does not regulate or "organize" our day-to-day functions. We are the third and final line of defense for the State of Georgia behind the Georgia State Defense Force (GSDF - the organized militia) and the Georgia National Guard. In an extreme worst-case scenario we will act as a Constitutional Defense Force to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States. We also stand-by to assist local law enforcement, GEMA, EMA's, and other emergency agencies in times of disaster. We are not an aggressive militant group, but we do train as a defensive force as necessary and operate well within the law at all times. We are constantly looking for civic-minded people to fill our ranks and train with us. Below is a form that will get you started. We will even accept whole groups in a particular area if you already have one formed and have a like mind-set. What does it take to be an active member? In short, commitment and participation. You must have the mind set to stick with this through both the exciting and boring times AND you must participate with the group activities on a regular basis. Participation can also include getting together with only a few of the members in your local area outside of the group participation schedule to accommodate your work and family scheduling. We have to know you and be familiar with you in order to trust you as part of the GSM.

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    This militia hasn't provided a description.

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