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  1. Hiya, Reaper!


    I was contacted by someone on another website who asked me if there were someone reliable he could contact in New Hampshire.  Naturally, I immediately thought of you!  Would you be open to this contact?



  2. I am fresh on here and I noticed an old messege that you are looking to train. If you've never saw a minute of combat, I can serve a purpose. If you are a veteran warrior, we can both serve a dual purpose. Your call now. Doesn't appear too many folks have the drive to move forward on here. i have messeged enough people here to determine that it seems plausible that it is "good enough" to feign half-hearted interest and support. Profile pics don't win battles.

    1. SandNinja


      Dude sorry about the last sentence. It wasn't a dig towards you. I sent that on my little archaic flip phone. I didn't see your profile picture. My bad man. Sorry.

  3. checking in y'all . hope all is well with everyone.
  4. hey yall just checking in. wish more people would do the same.....
  5. hey folks checking in. hope all is well with everyone .
  6. i'm still here. i wont be going anywhere... southern NH

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