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  1. Tired of watching our country being torn apart by overly wealthy fascist nationalist! Tired of seeing people and property being burned and broken and people killed because of media spewing lies and false ongoing’s. Tired of seeing the government ruling and running the people instead of the people ruling and running the government! Tired of watching the high and wealthy 1% sit back and live a wonderful lives and laugh while the workingman breaks his back to barely scrape by and yet the bottom dwelling non-job having worthless scum feed off of the workingman’s check! I hope everything settles peacefully especially with the lies and all the stupidity that’s going on in the government and the media I really do hope it becomes peaceful and settles out but I am more than ready to stand up and take action! It’s time to take this country back to the way it was founded it’s time for us to come together and fight the powers that are trying to divide and destroy this country from the inside we should be worried about other countries creating problems and we should be all living a decent human life in this country instead we are so busy fighting amongst each other that if something did happen it would be too late and too hard for us to notice it.

    1. FreedomLion


      I agree, man...but not sure how is best way to organize and tribe up to make tactical plans....not sure how many good folks are willing to step up to the level of assembly I think we are both taking about..........

    2. 27royalmace


      Well I guess it all starts with just a few people like minded and willing to stand up. That’s how this country was saved from Britain and how many countries have saved them selves from being burnt down from the inside a few people with a big enough heart and willingness to stand up and fight hopefully we can find some more. Truly I hope it never comes to that but I would rather be ready and trained and not need it then expect and need help from someone else and it not be available!

    3. 27royalmace


      Well I’m ready and willing and if anyone wants to meet and actually start training feel free to call or text me (405)835-4418 got to get started at some point otherwise we are nothing but a dreaming, running mouth, and just like the rest of the sheep!

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