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  1. We have leaders and leadership roles as well as other all other areas. Any questions message me here or on Parler @BillW66 



    1. Joe patriot

      Joe patriot

      Is ir organization pa based? Anything in ohio 

    2. Bill66


      We are nationwide PA stands for Proud American 

  2. I believe it needs to be orangized people in numbers thats the only way it would work and these groups of organized people per area needs to be in good contact with the leaders of there neighboring units but i dont see it ever happening atleast from what i see with area code units from this site is there better sites to go that i dont no about ?
  3. Rule of laws has kinda already went down the rune look at how many governor's in states has thought up wild shit with coronavirus like here in ohio we now have a curfew that mike dewine set is that really legal ? But he did it only thing that stops unjustified rules will people organized people in numbers that stand up for themselfs.
  4. Guess pretty much all reporters lean left regardless of what they really feel cause if they say what they think its pretty much the end of there journalism career cause all media oulets in this coutry is Democrat owned and ran
  5. No and only gonna get worse freedom will just be a word soon not are way of life
  6. These anifa fuckers are mostly 18 -25 year old kids the same little fuckers that want free money from the goverment and free college etc. These are the little fuckers that want socialism. Even though there little pussys theres been alot ot accounts of george sorrows funneling money to them so in theory there almost like so socialist rebels with endless money kinda scary
  7. I believe were at the breaking point of major things happening and i really believe confiscating are guns is gonna be a major issue this year lets be real joe biden pretty much came right out and said it and when it gets to that point the question is how are they gonna do it? Id guess each states gonna activate local guardsman now the million dollar question will these young men and women open fire on there own people to do what there ordered? Cause there gonna be sent to there own dads,moms,uncles,brothers, etc ? That i believe is whats gonna be the major turning factor of all this in are
  8. Well the vietcong was a group of natives in there own land that would not quit or surrender that took on one of the biggest fighting forces in the world and made us look like jackoffs in the end. Shows exactly what people can accomplish if they want it
  9. George t im very interested in ur thoughts and ideas i completely agree with you people in numbers and organization will be the key to fighting tyrants and forced socialism id be very interested in talking to u more about this
  10. In findlay ohio it just made the newspaper that there installing facial recognition cameras in court/government buildings to aid in security since they have many people not working cause of virus funny thing is everyones wearing a mask does that facial camera work lol i think your gonna see more and more camera/tracking things happening useing this bs virus to cover up what there trying to push on us
  11. Thats the problem with all of this the general population dont have enough guts to stand up for themselfs
  12. Ur mostly correct trump patriot but the biggest issue is not many see through all thats happening to unstand whats really being pushed on us most are blind or scared to see through all this virus bs most people think im crazy for my thoughts and outlooks but its right there infront of everyones nose. Hopefully more people open there eyes soon
  13. I believe there are dark days ahead for us state by state each governor seems to be in a contest to outdo each other on what they can oppose toward the free people that live there. Here in ohio were seeing a tyrant named Adolf- mike dewine make laws and orders thats directly infringing on are constitutional rights as he gives speeches on cnn about how hes gonna fix the virus in ohio. No sir what hes doing is setting is socialist plan see how much bullshit the people will tolerate were gonna see this more and more state by state all across the country ending with the last and final socialst a

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