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  1. One of the best bartering products when SHTF is undoubtedly going to be sugar. It will also be a great product to have in order to make treats that boost morale and lend a sense of normalcy to life How to Make Beet Sugar Not surprisingly, beet sugar is made from sugar beets. These aren’t the same as the red or white bulbous beets that you’ve eaten as a dinner side or with pickled eggs; sugar beets actually look more like a parsnip or daikon than they do their sister beets. They’re elongated and have a similar coloring to white potatoes and sugar beets grow well in a variety of climates just like all beets do. Sugar beets were originally grown to feed livestock but aren’t really fit for human consumption. Here’s one of our favorite things about sugar beets – after you make the sugar, you can still use the leftover meat of the beet as a hot or cold mash for your livestock. No waste! Beet sugar is super-easy to make, too. No special equipment is required and it doesn’t take a long time to do it. Scrub your beets to get all dirt and debris off of them. Thinly slice, dice or shred the beets and place them in a pot. Add just enough water to cover the beets. Heat to a boil then simmer long enough for the beets to become tender and soft. Remove from heat and strain the beet pulp out of the juice using cheesecloth. Return the syrup to the pot. Hold the cheesecloth full of pulp over the pot and squeeze as much water as possible out. Simmer until it becomes a thick, honey-like syrup, stirring frequently, then remove from heat. Place in a storage container and allow to cool. As it cools, the sugar will crystallize. Remove crystals and smash into a powder with your fingers so that it looks like table sugar. Store and use just like you would regular sugar. Just FYI, you can expect to get about 17% of your original beet weight in sugar. To do the math for you, you’ll need about 10 pounds of beets to yield 1.7 pounds of sugar.
  2. From the Washington times, August 2016 -- For all its talk of being a street uprising, Black Lives Matter is increasingly awash in cash, raking in pledges of more than $100 million from liberal foundations and others eager to contribute to what has become the grant-making cause du jour. The Ford Foundation and Borealis Philanthropy recently announced the formation of the Black-Led Movement Fund [bLMF], a six-year pooled donor campaign aimed at raising $100 million for the Movement for Black Lives coalition. That funding comes in addition to more than $33 million in grants to the Black Lives Matter movement from top Democratic Party donor George Soros through his Open Society Foundations, as well as grant-making from the Center for American Progress. “The BLMF provides grants, movement building resources, and technical assistance to organizations working advance the leadership and vision of young, Black, queer, feminists and immigrant leaders who are shaping and leading a national conversation about criminalization, policing and race in America,” said the Borealis announcement. End ----------- First the ford foundation is not affiliated with ford motors. They split over 30 years ago but the foundation kept the name. Here is my question about BLM. With the wilfires on the west coast, drought in the midwest and multiple hurricanes in the east displacing and making people homeless through no fault of their own 'Where is Black Lives Matter'? Why are they not there helping the people they claim they care about? They seem to have plenty of money to help these people either relocate or rebuild.
  3. Here is I thru Y Impetigo: Carrot Poultice Infections: Cabbage Poultice Inflammation: Bran Poultice; Clay Poultice; Onion Poultice; Potato Poultice Internal Bleeding: Arnica Intestinal: Goldenseal Kidney: Dandelion Liver: Cabbage Poultice; Calendula; Cabbage Poultice Mastitis: Echinacea[look up poultice]; Goldenseal[look up poultice]; Potato Poultice; Dandelion Mensturation: Calendula MSRA[Multidrug resistant staph]: Honey Muscles: Calendula Night Blindness [Nyctalopia]: Dandelion Psoriasis: Dandelion Respiratory System: Echinacea; Goldenseal Rheumatism: Arnica; Cabbage Poultice Rhinosinusitis: Honey Shingles: Cabbage Poultice Shock: Arnica Sinusitis: Echinacea; Skin: Arnica; Calendula; Clay Poultice; Goldenseal Sore Throat: Honey Sores: Arnica; Calendula Spasms: Calendula Sprains: Arnica; Bran Poultice; Calendula; Clay Poultice Strains: Bran Poultice Stomach: Goldenseal Sunburns: Calendula Swelling: Arnica Topical Ointment: Arnica Tumors: Cabbage Poultice; Calendula; Carrot Poultice Ulcers: Calendula Urinary Tract: Echinacea; Goldenseal Vaginal Infections: Echinacea; Goldenseal Varicose Veins: Cabbage Poultice; Calendula; Warts: Dandelion Wounds: Echinacea; Honey Yeast Infections [candida]: Echinacea; For pics of the plants and details on how best to use them go to this website at http://saturn.byethost6.com/plant.htm
  4. at the bottom of the sign in page in very small letters it say "view more popular petitions". A couple pages in is the petition to make Black lives matter a terrorist organization but so far it has only 800 or so signatures. From what I saw there are some really dumb petitions and some that would help to get a few of our freedoms back. At least it's a start.
  5. I agree with you completely. The reason we need a petition is the WH loves it's paperwork. If we get enough names on it then they will be officially recognized that way by the law and will be prosecuted as terrorists instead of as vandals when they bust things up. Also, if one of us were to defend ourselves from something they might do to us or ours, we would be more justified because we are fighting someone the government has already declared to be a terrorist. At least we can try, if that doesn't work then ..............
  6. Here is a link to an official petition to label the hate group Antifa as a terrorist organization. If I had a facebook page I'd sure post it there too. They need lots more signatures. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/formally-recognize-antifa-terrorist-organization-0
  7. The free speech movement has nothing to be embarrassed about. There were about 300 free speech protesters there today. Of course the alt-left hired people to swell their numbers. It was not hate speech, simply a rally for free speech and they had their rally even if it ended a little early because of hate groups like Antifa and BLM. They dragged an old woman across the ground for the crime of holding an American flag. The anti free speech movement had 27 arrests for fighting with the police after the free speech rally was over. At least that was the last count. They didn't have any conservatives to fight so they tried to pick a fight with the cops and got arrested. The right wing people are going to hold more free speech rallies. I'm sure the communist led anti free speech movement will be there too. If the Dems keep this up we can run them bankrupt by making them hire more fake protesters just to make themselves look good.
  8. I see Antifa is at the free speech rally in Boston. Although I am for peace I believe in the saying, "Talk when you can, fight when you have to."
  9. He said there was fault on the both sides. Violence is never condoned regardless of who does it. He didn't side with anyone. It seems everyone hears only what they want to hear. Something else he said was we all have to come together as Americans regardless of our parties or ideologies. If we are going to save this country we are going to have to learn to debate those with a different opinion without violence. Right now that seems like a pipe dream but it is doable if neighbors learn to talk to each other instead of fighting each other. Like John Lennon said "Give peace a chance".
  10. Just an afterthought. I don't think these people realize if they can weaken this country enough for a hostile takeover they won't ever be pulling down any more statues.
  11. Arrests made in Durham, NC for pulling down a confederate statue This is one of the people responsible. Knowing this won't change what has or will happen but it does help to explain why it's going on. The link at the bottom will give you the whole article. Takiyah Thompson, 22, was taken into custody shortly after protesters held a news conference Tuesday afternoon at North Carolina Central University. The World Worker's Party Durham chapter has set up a legal defense fund to help fight her case in court. Thompson, a member of the Communist-platform Workers World Party Go here to read the entire article. By now the story is either well buried or changed to make these communist sympathizers look like heroes. I had put this woman's name in a web search box and there were lots of articles about how everyone was congratulating her. http://www.wcti12.com/news/state/more-arrested-in-durham-confederate-statue-destruction/605530655
  12. I'm older and probably would have a hard time fighting my way out of a paper bag but with a little more practice I can be fairly accurate with my little bow. I do know some other things that might be helpful. I would like to know if there are any people in my area. I am near Mt Lemmon.
  13. All of the plants in my lists are native to American soil. This bit is D though H. Dental: Arnica Detoxification: Cabbage Poultice; Dandelion Diaharrea: Calendula; Goldenseal Diabetes: Honey Diabetic Leg Ulcers: Arnica Digestive Tract: Goldenseal Diuretic: Dandelion Ear Infections [otitis media]: Echinacea Eczema: Cabbage Poultice; Dandelion Eyes: Goldenseal Fever: Arnica; Calendula Fibroids: Cabbage Poultice Flu: Echinacea; Goldenseal; Mustard Poultice Fractures: Arnica Frostbite: Calendula Gallstones: Dandelion Gastritis: Calendula Gout; Cabbage Poultice; Dandelion Hay Fever [allergic rhinitis]: Echinacea Headaches: Willow bark (some say it is like aspirin) Heart: Dandelion Herpes: Arnica Hypertension: Dandelion
  14. This list is too long to put the whole thing up in one post and it is not in any way complete. This is a list of some of the natural herbs and plants that can be used for different problems. Later on I can put in how to use some of these things and there are actual books that touch on some of these. I’m sure some of you already know parts of this. I will eventually post the entire list I have. Today it is just A thru C. Abscesses: Bread & Milk Poultice; Abrasions: Calendula Acne: Clay Poultice; Dandelion Allergies: Honey Antibacterial: Honey Antibiotic: Echinacea; Goldenseal Asthma: Mustard Poultice; Astringent: Honey Antiseptic: Calendula; Honey Athlete's Foot: Calendula; Echinacea; Arthritis: Mustard Poultice; Potato Poultice; Dandelion Blood Pressure: Dandelion Boils: Calendula; Bread & Milk Poultice; Potato Poultice; Bowels: Calendula Bruises: Arnica; Bran Poultice; Calendula; Clay Poultice Burns: Calendula; Honey; Potato Poultice Calming: Arnica Cancer: Calendula Canker Sores: Goldenseal; Dandelion Carbunkles: Potato Poultice; Childbirth: Calendula Circulation: Arnica; Cabbage Poultice; Mustard Poultice; Dandelion Colds: Echinacea; Goldenseal; Mustard poultice Cold Sores: Carrot Poultice Congestion: Cabbage Poultice; Mustard Poultice Colitis: Honey Conjunctivitis: Honey Constipation: Dandelion Coughs: Honey; Mustard Poultice; Cuts: Calendula; Cayenne pepper; Garlic poultice Cysts: Calendula; Cabbage Poultice; Carrot Poultice
  15. Before you can start any of these following things you have to know when it is safe to go outside. If you don't have access to a geiger counter there are instructions on the following link for a homemade KFM device that will read the radiation content in the air. This page has full instructions and diagrams needed to build it. Hydroponically grown sunflowers were used to absorb radioactive metals near the Chernobyl nuclear site in the Ukraine as well as a uranium plant in Ohio. In February 1996, Phytotech, Inc., a Princeton, NJ-based company, reported that it had developed transgenic strains of sunflowers, Helianthus sp., that could remove as much as 95% of toxic contaminants in as little as 24 hours. Subsequently, Helianthus was planted on a styrofoam raft at one end of a contaminated pond near Chernobyl, and in twelve days the cesium concentrations within its roots were reportedly 8,000 times that of the water, while the strontium concentrations were 2,000 times that of the water. Helianthus is in the composite, or Asteraceae, family and has edible seeds. It also produces an oil that is used for cooking, in margarine, and as a paint additive. H. tuberosus was used by Native Americans as a carbohydrate source for diabetics. At the end of season, before the flowers go to seed, cut them down and dispose of them in a safe place far from your land each season until you are sure the soil is clean. If birds eat the contaminated seeds they will be unsafe to eat. Even with these methods it could take a few months up to 3 years before the soil is safe to grow food for humans and animals. Hopefully you may have enough canned food to get by for at least the first year. Then you could remove a foot or two of topsoil and try planting healthy food. I have also heard that green leafy plants are good for taking toxins out of the soil but sunflowers seem to be the best at it. Any animal that feeds on irradiated plant life would not be safe to eat or get milk from. Forget fishing, deer hunting, etc until you are safely out of or have cleaned up the contaminated area. Otherwise you could, if you were really ambitious, strip 1 to 6 feet of topsoil off. Also watch for fish in irradiated lakes and streams. The best thing would be to have a good soil test kit and an excellent portable water filtration system. Link to homemade KFM Device http://www.oism.org/nwss/s73p938.htm