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    Like many before me, I silently prepared. Stock piling, prepping, for a Hillary America. Now the veil has been lifted, I thought it was time for us all to come together and truly organize and create a solid foundation, from which our voices could be hear
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  1. I'm sure we all would have gotten a chuckle out of that, lol
  2. Sweet, have a couple old coach guns. Picked them years ago. Don't really remember when or where. Only remember firing them once. Sure they belonged to some old timers now long gone. Maybe next trip to the range?
  3. Just took on a new job, haven't had much time to socialize. Just wanted to let everyone one know I'm still alive and kicking. Louisville Kentucky
  4. I was wondering if anyone has tried ar 10 muzzle breaks on other 308s. Hk, ptr, or even bolt action. Lantec claims it designed for the ar platforms, but it seems to me, it would be designed for the caliber, not if its semiautomatic or not.
  5. I've always chosen custom 1911's, which required minimal upgrading. My Kimber Custom II got night sights, and crimson laser grips. While my Springfield range officer, got the Johnny Rolland .460 upgrade. Great artical, keep them coming.
  6. Interesting, I always assumed that they infiltrated the Democratic party, as I looked at the state of their held cities and states. But, I couldn't explain the same traits in the Republican party.
  7. There has been great leaders, and servants on both sides of the party lines, throughout our history. I think less of these leftists, but still think there will always be a necessity for them to keep a balanced democratic society thriving.
  8. And with that said, we need to place terms on all of them. 4 years and done.
  9. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you deplorables, hopefully next year will only find us stronger and more unified as we face the challenges of the 2018 races to represent us and our states. Together we will help our President drain the swamp!
  10. I agree with NK assessment. And have been concerned about an attack on the power grid from within our own ranks. To me NK is a no brainer, and only carries political fall out with alot of other nations. The power grid, or attacks on our refineries would create a real SHTF. One that that even the best prepped would find challenging.
  11. Never stops amazing me how far they are willing to go, I hope they got their money's worth
  12. This seems the case. One thing, I would reiterate, is if these hate groups are looking to start something at any cause, we need to stand down. We can't afford for the white racest to use our presence as an opportunity to start a fire fight. And we all train for self-defense and self perseverance, and I personally don't think the black racest would like my response if they tried to throw battery acid in my eyes. I am very pleased with the stance The Kentucky 3%ers have taken in all of this, there is great leadership and in site going on here.
  13. Haven't been on Craigslist for a long time. And all I get on Facebook is our news and articals. Wonder how hard it would be to infiltrate them? Maybe goog ol'george could unknowingly pay our way to some of these hot spots, lol.

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