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  1. sgt.Bulldog please contact me

  2. William nomad are you still looking to join a group if so shoot me an email let's chat
  3. jackleg checking in hope every one is doing well.i think its going to get bad and I mean bad no matter who wins the election be aware of you surrounding and your eyes open and most of all carry
  4. Good morning to all patriots jacklegg on deck.been awhile since I have been on.keep your eyes open and be aware of your surrounding. Stay the cause. Keep the faith.Sgt.bulldog let's talk if your still interest.
  5. jackleg on deck hope everyone is doing well.give me a call if you need me.STAY SAFE
  6. jackleg on deck been busy with the wife.EVERY ONE STAY THE CAUSE WE ARE STILL LOOKING FOR PEOPLE.
  7. jackleg on deck EVERYONE STAY THE CAUSE your family and your county your brothers and sisters depend on US.
  8. hey people we have plenty of room.we have to do something now before it is too late
  9. WE CANT wait any longer we have to do something now before its to late.

  10. jacklegg on deck hope every one is well.STAY THE CAUSE

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