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  1. jackleg checking in hope everyone is well STAY THE CAUSE
  2. good morning jacklegg on deck STAY THE CAUSE 843 you interested in joining let me know
  3. jackleg checking in hope everyone is doing well KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN AND STAY THE CAUSE.staying on the ready.Tempstar.we are still looking for new members.im out next to tractor supply.
  4. jacklegg on deck hope everyone has a wonderfull holiday.stay safe we are still recurting for the south Carolina militia guard
  5. Jacklegg on deck hope everyone is doing well. I have my gear ready and waiting. It's coming.keep your eye open and be aware of your surrounding. And stay the cause!!!!
  6. Jacklegg checking in hopefully it doesn't come to a battle but I am ready to give my life for my family and my fellow patriots.STAY THE CAUSE..anyone needs me you know how to reach me
  7. jacklegg on deck hope every one has there gear ready dont think it will be long before it hits the fan.STAY THE CAUSE
  8. Brandon give me phone number and I will forward it to reaper we are recruiting in the south Carolina militia guard we are out of Conway..my email is jacklegg6999@gmail.com.everyone stay the cause.we are very close to all hell breaking lose.
  9. should be the other way around if it was not for the army private his ass wouldnt be playing
  10. jacklegg on deck.hope every one is well we must never drop our guard.eyes open at all times.STAY THE CAUSE
  11. welcome aboard john

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